How to use a Chimney Starter – Charcoal Starting Simplified

How to use a chimney starter – Simple Guide

Likely you have seen people pouring lighter fluid on a stack of charcoal and then a big ball of fire. If you also pay close attention to that fire, you will see dirty smoke and notice the chemical smell. 

Today, we will look at an alternative way of starting charcoal using a chimney starter plus steps to get your charcoal grill ready to cook.

Use a Charcoal Chimney

charcoal chimney lighting up

There are other methods to light charcoal and avoid using chemicals or starting big balls of fire. Lighting briquettes or coals using chemicals can affect food taste as the chemical smell can remain as the coals burn and are absorbed by the meats.

A charcoal chimney is a metal cylinder that can hold charcoal so it can be ignited. We recommend using a charcoal starter as these devices provide a faster and safer coal lighting process than lighter fluid.

Pouring chemicals on hot charcoal can also be dangerous and is not recommended. 

How do you use a charcoal chimney starter?

Fill the chimney with charcoal briquettes and set the charcoal chimney on the grill greats for safety. The grill is an excellent area to use to avoid burning any furniture or nearby items during the lighting process.

The bottom of the chimney has a smaller empty chamber and is the chimney starter. Fill the bottom of the chimney with paper and light the paper using a lighter or propane torch. Many people use newspapers, but we recommend using paper without chemicals or ink.

bbq grill academy Steps

  1. Place the chimney on your grill’s charcoal chamber grate.
  2. Add newspaper, oiled paper towels, or simply use a torch.
  3. Fill the main chamber of the chimney with charcoal.
  4. Light whatever materials (. newspaper, paper, lighter cubes, etc.) you placed at the bottom of the chimney. Avoid using paper with lots of ink and chemicals.
  5. After about 15 minutes, the top coals should be lit, at which point simply pour the coals onto the charcoal chamber grate on your grill.
  6. Enjoy!

How long does a chimney starter take?

The chimney design forces airflow and flames upward, lighting the coals in the process. After 15 to 20 minutes, the coals are lit and ready to dump in your charcoal grill. Remember, you are dealing with hot coals, so be careful when you pour the charcoals into your grill. Using a charcoal starter is the way to go when wanting good tasting BBQ.

What is the best way to light lump charcoal?

A charcoal chimney is undoubtedly one of the best ways to light up lump charcoal without using lighter fluid. There are other methods to light charcoal using different types of charcoal starter. There are electric staters, fire sticks, and hot air starters available in the market, all good options to light a charcoal grill without lighter fluid.

A charcoal chimney is a simple and easy way to start charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. The device is simple, a metal cylinder that can pack charcoal together while flames and hot air rise through the briquettes. Once the coals are ready, flip the chimney starter and dump the charcoal in your grill.

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Where do you put a chimney starter?

The chimney can be put on top of a grill grate or concrete. Is important to remember that the chimney will get hot generate a lot of heat. Keep it away from flammable items or anything you don’t want charcoal ash on.

Why try and avoid lighter fluid and use a charcoal chimney starter

Lighter fluid has long been the go-to starter to start a fire and light charcoal. Lighter fluid can seem like an easy method to start any amount of charcoal, but for those wanting the best tasting food, lighter fluid is not an option. Chemical smell and odd flavors can penetrate meats; plus, if you own a Kamado grill, using any kind of chemical can be dangerous.

When food comes in contact with chemical burn, food flavor changes, something that true BBQ enthusiasts dislike.

How do you use a charcoal chimney without newspaper?

There are tricks and methods to start the chimney using wax cubes, vegetable oils, and other tools, including torches. Paper towels can be soaked in a bit of olive oil to start a slow-burning fire and start the chimney.

Do charcoal chimney starters work?

A well-designed Chimney starter will work great with charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal. These charcoal staters do not require lighter fluid but can aid the lighting process and produce hot enough coals to cook in as little as 15 minutes.

Charcoal fire cubes can be used as a stater, and propane torches can light a few coals and get them hot enough for the process to start. The chimney starter can be placed on the grill grates until a strong flame burns and lights the coals.

Is a chimney starter worth it?

A charcoal starter will save time, increase safety and get coals ready quicker. Chimneys are simple metal cylinders, but their design makes them practical and simple to fire up coals using something as accessible as a lighter and newspaper. Sometimes when lighting charcoal in a grill, much of the charcoal remains cold, and later lighting up, it creates dirty smoke.

One Last Word.

Using a chimney starter is just one way to safely light charcoal and get your grill ready for cooking. According to an article released by State Farm insurance company, one should never add gasoline, kerosene, or lighter fluid to hot coals. Starter fluid can be dangerous if not used properly. Besides, the odd smells and flavors are not welcomed by many.

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