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How we Test Products

Our Testing Process

Our team at BBQ Grill Academy strives to conduct real-world testing on the majority of the products featured in our articles. At our location in Winter Garden, Florida, we independently test items, interviews, and conduct market research. Our research headquarters in Florida is equipped with testing kitchens, and our staff utilizes standardized testing procedures while taking video and images of the tests for use in our articles.

charging the meatstick

Testing Lab in Florida

Our team use rigorous testing procedures to ensure accurate and quantifiably trustworthy data for every product we test. Some products are tested in our Winter Garden facility, while others are sent to our home-based testers for in-depth evaluation.

Our Winter Garden location provides adequate space for testing large items, such as grills and smokers. Smaller goods are regularly sent to our at-home tester to guarantee that they are being evaluated by a subject matter expert.

Home testing enables us to acquire more real-world data and evaluate the product’s performance in real-world settings.

The purpose of testing items at our facilities is to acquire data that can be translated into content. We compile the pros and cons of each product, including if it performed as expected, if there is a superior option, and whether we would purchase the product ourselves.

You can learn about our staff and meet the individuals behind our incredible company.

Z Grills Storage width

Products are assembled for testing

Before testing, all products are fully assembled in-house.

the meatstick mini lenght

Detailed information is collected

Our experts collect and analyze detailed information about each product we test.

Timberline xl storage cabinet

Products are carefuly researched

A short description of the service and how the visitor will benefit from it.

testing Bear Mountain pellets

Products reviewed by diverse experts

Diverse experts evaluate products to ensure that we deliver unbiased opinions and helpful reviews.

Why Trust Us

USA Company

Unlike many BBQ sites on the Internet, we are here in Winter Garden, Florida in the USA. We know and understand grilling, BBQ smoking, and outdoor cooking better than "website operators" outside the US.

Decades of Experience

The writers, experts, and team members of the BBQ Grill Academy have more than 30 years of combined experience.

Our Own Opinions, Backed by Hours of Research

Occasionally, products may be sent to us for editorial consideration and content, but our opinions are always our own, and no one outside of BBQ Grill Academy controls what we write or what we say on our website.

Real BBQ People, 6 Full time Pitmasters and Consultants

We are true BBQ enthusiasts and share a true passion for this culinary art. We cook, grill, and smoke meat, or are around a grill all the time. So we know a thing or two about what we are talking about here. ; )

Our Team

Meat some of the folks behind this amazing copmany.

Hector Ruiz

Hector Ruiz - Founder / Editor / Director

BBQ Pitmaster and gear expert

alison bbq grill academy editor

Alison - Food Editor

Leading expert in the restaurant industry with more than two decades of experience in the food industry.

bga writing team

The BGA Team - Research

BBQ professionals and researchers

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BBQ Grill Academy Recipe Team

So that you can enjoy your grill, our team of recipe developers works tirelessly to create and deliver the most delicious barbecue and grilling recipes.

BBQ Grill Academy

Editorial Process