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Welcome to BBQ Grill Academy, your one-stop place for everything BBQ Grilling, BBQ Smoking, and great information on BBQ accessories and gear.

My name is Alison, and I am the chief editor at BBQ Grilling Academy. I co-founded BBQ Grilling Academy with the sole purpose of sharing with the world my passion for BBQ food, grilling, and help beginners master their grills. I grew up around BBQ grills and know how much joy I get from BBQ food and cooking for my friends. 

My family used to spend hours around the BBQ grilling, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. Family BBQs were part of our lives, and I grew up around the best pitmasters in the world. My team and I hope to share great content and help you enjoy BBQ food as much as we do. Enjoy Life!

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What I love most about Grilling is that it can bring people together and make family bonds even stronger. If you know how to grill, your friends and family will love you, and you are the light of every party.

Most importantly, Grilling is a great way fo enjoying your house backyards with your friends and family. Grilling is not hard work.

This website is for all those backyard weekend warriors wanting to learn more about Grilling, learn about BBQG gear and become experts at entertaining friends and family.

Enjoy life, go outside and light up your grill. Learn a new recipe or two and cook for your friends and family. Enjoy life!
Our ultimate goal is to develop training courses for our fans, bring you new recipes and great How-tos everyone can enjoy.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inform

Family First!

My passion for BBQ Grilling is directly connected to the love I have for my family. I love grilling for my family but enjoy more their reaction after enjoying my work.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inform everyone and anyone who enjoys BBQ Grilling, who enjoys spending time with their families or would like to start grilling how to master their grill. BBQ Grill Academy wants to educate people on how to enjoy the outdoors while grilling. There is nothing better in life than enjoying your master BBQ grilling creations.

Our Methodology

BBQ Grill Academy strives for the best content and information. I’m passionate about what I do and have been around BBQ grills for over 30 years. 

The content published on our site is carefully planned, researched, and edited by our BGA BBQ Team to ensure we provide the highest level of quality and standards. Our group of writers, researchers, and editors work directly with me, and I approve all final articles, as BBQ Grill Academy Chief Editor, to secure quality and accuracy.

We try to test and get our hands as much as possible on products and items to gain real-life experience. We rely on real customer feedback on every item we write about.

We have a great relationship with local stores and pitmasters. We are involved with the community and are steadily learning and sharing.

Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Process and Guidelines

At BBQ Grill Academy, we take great pride in the quality of our research, content, and learning guides. Our editorial team creates unique, original, accurate, and captivating content meeting ethical and professional editorial guidelines. If you come across an article that needs to be improved, has errors or inaccurate information, please emails us at hello@bbqgrillacademy.com

What’s In It For You?

So why should you join our BBQ Grill Academy?

Simple, we work tirelessly to bring you the best content and information to make you a better BBQ cook and improve your BBQ grilling skills. Perhaps you want to enjoy outdoor life more and learn how to make the best BBQ Grill meals or maybe master your BBQ Grill using new skills. Perhaps you want to make your backyard the center of entertainment for your friends and family.

You are in the right place if:

  • You are new to BBQ Grilling and are looking for a place to learn how to grill and use your BBQ Grill.
  • You would like to learn how to BBQ, Grill, or Smoke meats.
  • You want to learn how to BBQ and Grill but not sure how to get started.
  • You currently know a bit about BBQ and Grilling but would like to improve your skills.
  • You want to learn more about BBQ Grilling equipment, recipes, and accessories to enhance your meals.

Meat Our The BGA Team



Alison is a Food Expert and has worked in the restaurant industry for over ten years. Having spent many years traveling and learning different culinary arts, Alison is one of the most experienced food writers in the industry. Alsion has worked for many well-known restaurants and is well regarded among the culinary community.

Hector Ruiz

Hector Ruiz

Hector is part of the Technical and Research team of BBQ Grill Academy. Hector has over 20 years of experience in the Technology industry and has vast experience in web development, search engine optimization, and holds many Cybersecurity certifications. Hector helped launch BBQ Grill Academy and has many years of experience smoking meats, cooking in Kamado Grills, and charcoal grills.
About Hector
I have been around BBQ grills since I was a kid. My family grilled every weekend, and for over 20 years, I have spent many hours learning and perfecting my grilling techniques which I now share with you.
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Co-Founder and Chief Editor