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The Kamado Joe Pellet: The Pellet Joe First Review and Impressions

kamado joe pellet grill

If you have not heard, Kamado Joe has been hard at work on a new project: the Kamado Joe Pellet grill. When it comes to kamado grills, you will hear popular names like “Big Green Egg” and “Kamado Joe.” These two brands have dominated the kamado grill market and make excellent charcoal grills.

Kamados can be used for everything from grilling to smoking, and because they are constructed of ceramic, they can last a long time if cared for correctly.

Nevertheless, charcoal is not for everybody. Managing a charcoal fire might be difficult for some people, while others simply despise messing with charcoal and getting their hands dirty. The automation that comes with pellet cookers has made them a favored alternative to charcoal grills, removing all of the hard labor while retaining all of the flavor.

Kamado Joe must have been paying attention because they jumped in and took all the benefits of a kamado grill and added the convenience and automation of a pellet grill.

In this article, we take a look at the new Kamado Joe Pellet and share with you what we found and learned about this new grill.

Traditional Pellet Grills VS a Kamado Pellet Grill

Traditional pellet grills are not in the same category as ceramic grills. New pellet grills are the Teslas of the BBQ industry, featuring high-tech features like Wifi, smart temperature controllers, and even Alexa integration. All this technology won’t make you a perfect cook, but it sure helps.

The ceramic kamado grill category is, well, much simpler. There was a time when a fiberglass gasket was considered a technological advancement in kamados.

A traditional Kamado Joe grill is very simple at its core. You get a ceramic egg-shaped chamber, a ceramic charcoal basket, and, of course, grill grates and other accessories, but the core of the grill is as basic as a cave man’s cave.

No, I’m not dismissing the quality of Kamado Joe and the versatility of these grills. The fact is, these grills are amazing and, in the hands of an experienced pitmaster, you can cook, bake, smoke meat, and pretty much anything your culinary mind can imagine.

Companies like Kamado Joe improved upon the designs of popular kamado grill companies and added modern touches and features like a commercial quality heat gasket, removable ashtray, and an arsenal of high-quality and useful accessories like a pizza tray and rotisserie. The end result is a high-quality ceramic grill.

Introducing Pellet Joe:

The Kamado Joe pellet is the newest addition to the Kamado Joe lineup. This grill is great for anyone who wants the smoky flavor, efficiency, durability, and versatility of a charcoal Kamado with the convenience of a pellet grill.

The Kamado Joe Pellet is a new Kamado-style grill that incorporates some of the same components as a traditional steel pellet grill. There is an electric auger that feeds the pellets to a fire pot, pellet agitators, and pellet hopper.

The system is pretty much self-contained and tightly packed in the belly of the egg. I’m actually very impressed with how Kamado Joe was able to fit a PID controller, a stainless steel hopper, an auger, and a fire pot all in the gut of this kamado.

What’s in the Box of Pellet Joe?

You get a high-quality ceramic pellet grill with a sturdy four-leg stand and two meat probes that connect to the integrated hopper that sits in the guts of this kamado. Kamado Joe states that the integrated hopper nearly eliminate pellet bridging, and the grill uses less pellets than traditional pellet cookers thanks to its ceramic construction and high efficiency.

The stainless steel hopper holds 10 pounds of pellets and the grill heat range reaches as high as 600 degrees.

There is also a drip tray, which also helps with heat dispersion but mainly directs all the grease to a drip bucket.

You also get the Joe scoop. This little tool is necessary to easily scoop pellets. This is a wifi-ready grill, so you will get a little antenna. Make sure not to lose that. Monitoring with WiFi control from a mobile device adds a level of convenience not available in the charcoal models.

Some features Found in the Kamado Joe Pellet include:

An automatic start system makes it easy to get started grilling. Turn the temperature knob and set the temperature.

A convection system (the heat shield above the burning pot) ensures even heat distribution and eliminates hot and cold spots.

A porcelain-coated cooking grate for easy cleanup.

Side shelves

Air lift hinge

Quirks and Features of the Pellet Joe

There are some interesting quirks and features unique to the Pellet Joe. A lot of the original Joe has carried over to the Pellet Joe. You get the same ceramic quality, fit and finish, spring-loaded (air lift hinge stainless ) top lop lid system, the classic stainless steel latch and the four-legged base.

Some accessories from the classic can be used on the Pellet Joe.

Some interesting quirks making this grill different from its original predecessor are a tiny hole on the back of the top lid where the ambient sensor is attached, an aside grease bucket, and a WIFI antenna next to an on and off switch on the back of the grill. It is almost strange to see these small clues of a pellet system on an old school grill known for its rudimentary design.

For the most part, the grill dimensions are the same. This grill is very similar to the Classic 18 grill.

So what is the deal with pellets?

Unlike traditional charcoal grills, pellet grills burn wood pellets that are fed into a burner to create heat. The pellets are made of compressed sawdust and other hardwoods, so they burn clean and produce a great wood smoke flavor.

Pellet grills are easy to operate and have redefined cooking. These grills can be set to a variety of temperatures, making them a great choice for all kinds of cooking.

Pros and Cons of the Kamado Joe Pellet


  • It gets hot, reaching over 600 degrees.
  • WiFi control means you can sit down and watch a game and still monitor the grill and the meat cooking process.
  • ceramic grill efficiency. -Kamados are known for being very efficient and retaining heat well, cooking tender food and offering unsurpassed flavor.
  • Fuel efficiency and heat retention. Kamados are efficient, so they consume less charcoal and pellets.
  • Unlike its charcoal brother, where air vents are used to control the fire, this grill is thermostatically controlled by the PID controller. Simply set the desired temperature and the grill will maintain that temperature.
  • Since the grill monitors its internal temperature, it is crucial to perfectly adjust the smoke tower.
  • The Kamado works great and can retain consistent smoking temperatures.
  • The pellet agitators help with jamming the pellet door, which provides access to pellets.
  • The aluminum side shelves
  • Efficient: burning and needing fewer pellets thanks to the efficiency of the ceramic chamber.


  • It’s not as easy to load pellets. With traditional grills, you can dump a 20 lbs bag in a matter of seconds. With this grill, you need to use a scoop, which can do about 5 pounds of pellets at a time.
  • For the Pellet Joe 18, there is no display. To know the ambient temperature of the grill or the meat probe readings, you need to use the app.
  • The hopper capacity is only 10 pounds. But although Kamado Joe says that fewer pellets are needed thanks to the efficiency of ceramic grills.
  • The cooking surface is not as large as steel pellet grills in this price range.


The Kamado Joe Pellet is a great option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, reliable grill that can handle all kinds of cooking. This grill is wifi-ready, so you can control it from your phone or tablet, and it has a number of other features that make it stand out from the competition.

This grill combines the outstanding cooking efficiency of a kamado grill with the simplicity of use and convenience of a pellet cooker.

Whether you’re grilling steaks or smoking ribs, the Kamado Joe pellet grill is sure to deliver delicious results.



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