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Z Grills Blind Box, What is it and how it can get you grilling cheap in 2024

Blind box - Z grills

Many of people are looking for an affordable way to get a new, shiny pellet grill in our homes. There is a little-known secret called the Z Grills Blind Box. Z Grills’ blind box is a bundle deal and a quick way to get fired up and enjoy the flavor of a wood pellet grill.

Simply put, you pay a fixed price, hovering around the $399 to $499 mark for a “mystery box”, and you get a bundle that includes a pellet grill, a grill cover a “mission card” ( more on this later ), bucket grease liners, and a set of stickers. 

The bottom line is that you get grill no matter what!

What is the buzz about the Blind Box

Z Grills mystery box
credit: Z

The blind box is probably the least expensive way to get a pellet grill. This pellet grill blind bundle deal does change from time to time to include different grills and different accessories. 

I have searched other brands to see if they have similar deals, but no one comes close. Sure, a pack of stickers and some grease lines don’t seem like a big deal, but getting a decent pellet grill for under 500 bucks is. 

These are all large, capable grills, and you get a new product with a full three-year warranty. 

We have written a few reviews about these grills, including the 700D4E and the 450B, which in our experience are the two most common sizes found in backyards. You could say that the 700 series is your midsize sedan and the 450 series is more of a compact car. 

Both of these grills did great in our in-house tests; they maintained temperatures well and produced good smoke flavor.

However, the reason there is so much buzz about Z Grills pellet grill “mystery” box is because no other brand is offering this type of bundle with a standard-size grill and accessories. Just to give you an idea, a portable pellet grill can cost as much as this bundle.

What you get in Z Grills’ Blind Box

As mentioned before, you get a few accessories, but the main point here is that you get a pellet grill. Z Grills changes their deals often, but you can get a grill as big as 800 square inches (1000D3E) or the 550B2 with about 500 square inches of space. Depending on the season, Z grills might include a pellet bag or two!

These grills typically cost between $500 and $900, but with the box special pay under $400 bucks and you get a pellet grill.

You Bet on a pellet grill blind But, there is more

The blind box is like playing the grill lottery: you can get a good grill for a fraction of its original price. You never know what Z Grills pellet grill you’ll get, but the offer page states which models are at play. From there, you can also get more information on the pellet grill specifications, temperature range, sq inches, and even other customers’ reviews. 

The Z Grills “secret” box is a great gift for those who love cooking food and love the taste of wood-fired flavor.

Besides a Pellet Grill what else you get in the blind box

You get mostly accessories; some months, Z Grills include pellets, but mostly you get accessories. Things like grease bucket lines, cleaning brushes, and cooking tools are often included. 

credit: Z

Z Grills is now offering a “mission card,” which is a clever way of getting you to join their social media and share your experiences with others, but at the end of your mission, you get a free grill cover!

Should you consider the Blind Box Special

You should. This price point is difficult to beat if you’re looking for a low-cost way to get a pellet grill. As I mentioned before, even budget-friendly smokers sometimes cost more, and with this specific deal, most times all you need is a pellet bag to complete your setup. The grills are also standard to full size and offer enough space to cook full meals, large meats and smoked meat, low and slow. 

If you want more control over the features and what you get for your money, then this deal might not be for you. Because you have no idea what pellet grill you are getting and only a list of possible options is available, some might prefer to look at a broader selection of top pellet grills

A few advantages of Z Grill;s blind box

  • You get a grill for under 500 bucks.
  • These grills are standard size grills, offer appropriate temperature output to cook a wide range of meals, and have enough space for cooking large meals.
  • These are new grills with a three-year warranty.
  • A pellet grill produces more smoke and better flavor than a gas grill, which is why they are so popular.
  • You get most of the accessories you need for grilling in one single box.
  • You get accessories for your grill and everything you need to start grilling.

A few disadvantages of Z grills blind box

  • The most obvious disadvantage is that you don’t know what grill you will get, but Z Grills lists the ones at play.
  • You might get a cheaper model. While you might not get Z Grills’ latest and greatest models, the models at play are still good, solid options.


Z Grills makes amazing grills, and this blind box deal is a great way for many to get their hands on perhaps your first grill or simply get one at a reasonable price.

There are many happy customers posting on social media as they receive their blind boxes, and everyone seems to be happy with the product. I’d say if you are wanting to get into the grilling world and don’t want to spend a fortune but want a decent grill, this is a great “hack” to land a new grill. If you want to be more selective, then see all the other grills offered by Z Grills and pick whichever you want.



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