11 best wireless meat thermometer you can use with your grill in 2022

best wireless meat thermometer

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A wireless meat thermometer provides flexibility, precision, and information that even the most experienced chefs rely on to know when food is ready to be served. Using a good meat thermometer and monitoring the internal temperature of whatever you are cooking is one of the best ways to serve good and safe food to your friends and family.

Now, the best wireless meat thermometers take the convenience of knowing what’s happening inside your grill to the next level. These devices work with your home WiFi or Bluetooth device to give you meat internal temperature while you are seating on the couch and eliminate the guesswork! Go outside, chat with your friends, entertain your guest while all the cooking information can be seen right from your phone.

There are many brands and models of thermometers. In this article, we will show the best wireless meat thermometer to enjoy your freedom while keeping the internal meat temperature at bay.

What is a wireless meat thermometer?

Wireless thermometers, like analog thermometers, can read meat temperature but can also monitor temperature wirelessly. The wireless technology can be Bluetooth, WiFi, or RF, but the major feature is the ability to monitor meals away from the device with your phone or a remote monitor.

Table Of Contents
  1. What is a wireless meat thermometer?
  2. the best wireless meat thermometer – The best Wireless Grill Thermometer Reviews
  3. Things to Consider What features should you look for when buying the best wireless meat thermometers?
  4. Why can’t you trust the thermometer on your grill hood?
  5. Why is it important to use meat thermometer?
  6. How do you use a wireless digital meat thermometer?
  7. Why do wireless meat thermometers have wires?
  8. What is the most accurate digital meat thermometer?
  9. Conclusion: So Which is the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer?

the best wireless meat thermometer – The best Wireless Grill Thermometer Reviews

best wifi meat thermometer – Versatile: MeatStick X Wireless Grill Thermometer

The true wireless technology of these “meat sticks” allows for use in a rotisserie and the waterproofing means it can work in a sous vide bag. Theis versatility is not offered by thermometers with cables. The internal sensor has a maximum range of up to 212 degrees. Ceramic Handle Temperature Sensors measure ambient temperature up to 570 degrees.

With an optional range extender, you can expect a wireless range of up to 260 feet.

Wireless Range: up to 260 Feet

What we like:

  • Truly wireless.
  • Measures ambient temperature great when cooking in smokers and grills.
  • Can be used with rotisserie grills and devices.
  • A good mobile app, you get temperature readings and alerts.

What we don’t like:

  • These things are thick.
  • A wireless extender is needed for maximum range.

Runner Up MEATER Plus Wireless Smart Thermometer

Simple is better, and the Meater Plus keeps things simple and can monitor the internal temperature without cables or base stations. This is why we chose this thermometer as the best wireless meat thermometer on our list.

Most thermometers have probe wires that send the temperature signal to a receiver. In the Meater Plus, the receiver is inside the probe, eliminating wires. Meater Plus is a new brand marketing itself as the first fully wireless smart meat thermometer. There are no wires around this probe.

Here are a couple of other cool things about these thermometers. The storage base serves as the charging port, so while you store the thermometer, it can be charged. Second, the probe has two built-in sensors. One is on the side of the probe that goes into the meat that monitors the internal meat temperature, and the other end of the probe monitors the ambient temperature.

The app for this device is customizable and supports multiple probes. If you buy more than one probe,

The stainless steel probe has a ceramic grip which houses some of the electronics. This device uses Bluetooth to pair with its base (a wooden base), which connects to your phone.

Wireless range: 165 feet

Why our top pick: Simplicity and no probe wires means you can use these meat probes with rotisserie devices.

What we like:

  • Truly wireless, there are no cables to deal with inside the cooking chamber.
  • Dual temperature sensors: You can set not only internal temperature notifications but also ambient temperature notices. Meaning, if the grill temperature drops or gets too hot, you will get notified.
  • The app is customizable, and different alerts can be configured.
  • It works with Alexa.
  • No probe cables means you can use this smart device with your rotisserie.
  • Dishwasher safe.

What we don’t like:

  • The meat probe is a bit think, so it might be hard to use with thin meat cuts.
  • Your mobile device is the receiver, there isn’t another place in this thermometer that displays data. If your phone dies or you don’t have one available, there is no way to monitor temperatures.

Good Overall ThermoWorks Smoke Remote Thermometer  TP 25 – Professional Quality

ThermoWorks has been in the wireless grill thermometer game for a long time, and their products have been developed with the help of top chefs and pitmasters. This brand has a reputation for building products for heavy duty use.

The biggest reason this thermometer differs from our top pick is its probe receiver. These are traditional meat thermometers, meaning you have meat probes connected to a wire, which connects to a temperature receiver. The receiver has a display that shows you the internal temperatures.

The receiver itself is the “wireless” component, unlike the matter plus, where there are no wires, period. The receiver in the ThermoWorks connects to your device, so you can use the ThermoPro App to monitor the meat.

This splash-proof thermometer uses a Bluetooth connection and offers a 500-foot range to the receiver, which has a rechargeable battery.

This specific model is great for those who like to throw different meat cuts in the smoker, with up to four probes able to monitor different meat simultaneously.

Wireless range: 500 feet

Why our Runner Up: This is one of the best wireless grill thermometers on the market but since the probes are attached to cables, it cannot be used in as many scenarios as the Meater Plus.

What we like:

  • Accurate temperature readings thanks to ThermoWorks’ professional quality and technology.
  • Four color-coded meat probes.
  • Preset temperatures alert and meat settings for pork, poultry, fish, and beef.
  • Of Course, the mobile app can send you alerts.

What we don’t like:

  • Having cables attached to the probes means you cannot use this thermometer n a rotisserie.

ThermoPro TP829 – Longest Range

The ThermoPro TP8929 is very similar to our runner up but its biggest difference is range. This bad boy can uprate distances of up to 1000 feet. That’s the neighbor’s house!

The second major difference is the wireless monitor. That’s right. Unlike the top two devices on this list, this smart wireless meat thermometer comes with its own wireless monitoring device and you do not need to use your phone.

This means that the probes connect to a receiver. The receiver sends the information to a wireless monitoring device that gives you all the internal temperature and ambient temperature information. Your phone is not the display, in fact, there is no mobile app for this device. This might be a plus for some and a negative for others.

The good is you do not need your phone to operate this device; all the alerts and settings are on the ThermoPro wireless monitor. But some might like the idea of using their phone and mobile app. After all, mobile apps are constantly updated, and new features are often added.

However, this might be a good wireless thermometer for those grilling and cooking outside, maybe in a camping site where your phone is put away.

Wireless Range: 1000 Feet

What we like:

  • The range! 1000 feet to the wireless remote.
  • Four meat probes
  • You get temperature readings at the receiver and on the wireless monitor.
  • You can set high and low-temperature warnings on the wireless monitor.

What we don’t like:

  • Although this is considered a wireless meat thermometer, the wireless connection is only between the meat probe receiver and the wireless display monitor. There is no wireless connectivity for your phone.

Second Longest Range – ChefsTemp Quad XPro Long-Range Thermometer

camp chefs quadpro

Not all of us are interested in checking social media while smoking meat or grilling. Grilling time is Miller time! Some of us like to put our phones away. Wireless grill thermometers like this Chefs Temp allow you to do just that.

Like the previous thermometer on this list, the ChefsTemp Quad XPro includes its own long range wireless monitor/control so that you do not need to use a mobile phone to monitor the cooking process.

Everything is displayed in the wireless monitor the meat’s internal temperature, target temperature settings including low and max temperature settings. The remote device / wireless remote replaces the need for a mobile phone and sends audible alerts

You get three meat probes and one probe to monitor your grills or smoker temperature.

Wireless Remote Range: 500 Feet

What we like:

  • Long range of 500 feet with latest RF wireless technology.
  • Accurate a less than one degree +/1
  • Good for different meat smoking and cooking methods.
  • Waterproof and outdoor rated

What we don’t like:

  • The LCD can be hard to read in direct sunlight

The NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Barbecue Thermometer – Best Budget

The NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is incredibly affordable and performs well. This bundle includes two stainless steel probes a receiver tapped into using a mobile phone via Bluetooth. The system offers 11 temperature settings that can be custom programmed.

This thermometer won’t break any records for features, battery life, or fanciness but if you are looking for a simple and inexpensive wireless thermometer, the NutriChef can deliver. This thermometer is built to do one thing, monitor temperatures.

What we like:

  • Inexpensive wireless thermometer – no bells or whistles, you get two stainless steel meat probes, a receiver that connects to a simple mobile app.

What we don’t like:

  • Not as tough as the top grill thermometers on this list but is a budget pick. It will do the job.

Simple to Use- Weber iGrill 3 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer with 4 Probes

On the topic of simple and to the point thermometers, let me introduce you to the Grill digital probe thermometer. Weber is known for its grills but in recent years they introduced the Grill system as a wireless way to monitor temperatures.

The iGrill thermometers integrate with newer Weber grills and even have a nice magnetic holder in their entry-level 2 burner gas grills with iGrill compatibility.

The iGrill wireless thermometer is simple. You get four meat probes, the receiver, and access to Weber’s mobile app. The App gives you access to temperature information on all four meat probes, with alerts and other features.

What we like:

  • Simple to use and setup
  • Compatible with Weber Genesis grill models
  • Four probes

What we don’t like:

  • Although Weber makes great products, other thermometers offer the same for less.

Best For Outdoor Use -Waterproof: Inkbird IBT-4XP Grill Thermometer

If you own a smoker, let’s say an offset smoker or drum smoker, those are large smokers, and likely you will be using them outside in your backyard. Well, there might be a time or two when the rain will come and the cook cooking meat most go on. Especially if you live here in Florida.

This is when a thermometer like the InkBirt IBT comes in and is a good fit. You get all the basics. You can monitor temperatures, monitor ambient temperature in your grill, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F.

But here is where this thermometer stands out. First, it is waterproof, meaning this thing can sit outside and get rained on while you cook. Second, it offers precise temperature readings, including ambient temperature using three meat probes and one ambient temperature probe.

This meat thermometer from Inkbird is rechargeable and The battery lasts 40 hours before being plugged back in using a USB charger.

Precise temperature is another area where this unit shines. Rated at a plus /minus 2 degrees accuracy. The mobile app allows you to monitor temperatures and set alerts. Once the target temperature is reached, you will receive an alert on your phone.

Wireless Range: 150 feet

Certifications: RoHS , FCC , CE

What we like:

  • Three meat probes and one probe to monitor the ambient temperature inside your grill.
  • Wide temperature range: Can monitor temperatures from 32 degrees F to 500 degrees F
  • One Ambient Probe is included and can be set in any area of the grill.
  • Battery life of 40 hours.
  • Mobile App.

What we don’t like:

  • Well, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the battery is a lithium battery. If it dies or you forget to charge, well, bad luck amigo.

Bfour Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

This wireless meat thermometer is elegant and supports up to six probes, and works with an iPhone or Android phone.

The digital thermometer is not just sleek — it won the 2019 RedDot Design Award — but with six stainless steel probes, it is also perfect for monitoring large quantities of meats at any temperature range.

What we like

  • A good looking smart wireless meat thermometer
  • 6 meat probes – work at different temperature ranges.
  • This Grill Thermometer App is easy to use.

What we don’t like:

  • Some users have reported issues with Android devices.

ThermoPro TP20 Bluetooth Thermometer

The ThermoPro T20 TP20 is widely used as a grill thermometer. It is an incredibly sturdy thermometer. It is a dual-purpose device that lets you monitor the temperature of the cooking pan, as well as the temperature inside the meat. You just have to pick what you want to cook, choose the level of doneness, and get alerts when the cook finishes.

ThermoPro’s dual probe thermometer offers several programming options.

The wireless range is 300 – 400 feet

What we like:

  • Good Wireless range
  • ThermoPro Quality

What we don’t like:

  • Two Probes

Maverick ET733 Long Range Wireless Meat Thermometer

Another option for those who like to wander around or go over next door for a beer when grilling.

What we like:

  • Long range

What we don’t like:

Things to Consider What features should you look for when buying the best wireless meat thermometers?

When shopping for a wireless meat thermometer, there are a few things you should take under consideration. The primary function of a meat thermometer is to read meat’s internal temperature and, in the case of wireless grill thermometers,  to offer temperature readings wirelessly one way or another.

To accomplish these two functions, a few factors have to be present.

Remote range ( Wireless, Bluetooth, or RF Range of the Meat Thermometer )

Wireless meat thermometers combine a base station with a digital display located close to an oven/grill and display useful temp info. They can also use portable receivers for acquiring RF frequencies, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and connect to mobile apps to monitor food.

There are three main types of wireless thermometers:

First, you have true wireless thermometers like the Meater and Meatstick, which don’t have any wireless at all. The Probe itself has the sensors and wireless tech to transmit information directly to an app. ( mobile device app )

  • Truly wireless
  • Since there are no cables these probes are versatile and can be used in just about any type of grill.
  • These probes tend to be thick and hard to use in thin cust of meats.
  • The rechargeable battery can be an issue.
  • You rely on your phone to access all the info, no phone, well it turns into just a fancy pen.

Second, you have Wireless/ Bluetooth thermometers with a display receiver. These are thermometers that probes connect via cables to a receiver, and the receiver itself has an LCD display. The receiver can have WiFi or Bluetooth to send information to a mobile appl.

  • Two ways of reading data. You can say there is a backup in case your phone battery dies.
  • Probe cables.

Lastly, you have the receiver/monitor setups. These are thermometers which platform consists of a receiver where all the probes connect to and a remote monitor. So you get two devices instead of one, One is a base station or receiver, and the other is the remote monitor.

With some models, both the receiver and remote control can monitor temperature. In other models, the remote control/ monitor can connect to your phone, and in other models no.

  • The biggest advantage of these types of thermometers is their range.
  • Good for monitoring oven temperature.
  • Some models do not work with mobile devices.


Accuracy is a key characteristic of the best wireless meat thermometer for grilling. Investing in reliable devices prevents undercooking and overcrowding foods.

Digital thermometers are faster and more accurate than the standard “mounted inside the lid” thermometer. The probes go into the meat and are clipped to the grate to measure the ambient temperature of the grill.

We look for product certifications that ensure the product has been properly designed, calibrated, and tested. Not only do you want to hit the desired temperature but you also want to ensure you are cooking the meat to the right level of doneness.

Number of probes

Wireless meat thermometers usually come with two to six probes depending upon the model. The probes can be either dual or multi-function measuring the temperature of the meat but also your grill. The best wireless meat thermometers for grilling offer a range of probes letting you monitor different foods at different degrees of doneness.

No, if you do not need too many probes,  this is one area where you can save some bucks.

Temperature range ( that they can monitor and withstand )

When comparing wireless meat thermometers and other wireless meat thermometers, you typically see the range at which the device can operate. Meaning the temperature ranges, it can see, read.

However, it is also important to understand the heat the thermometer can withstand. Some thermometers cannot withstand high temperatures for long, and you can end up with a melted probe end inside your steak.

Probe Cable length

We have discussed base stations; this is where the probes connect into. These stations connections are made through cable.  Ideally, you want a cable length that fits your BBQ setup.

Mobile App

Many thermometers offer mobile apps, but not all apps are built well or offer the same features. Besides monitoring the meat temperature, a good app will allow you to set custom alerts so you can cook the meat at the doneness level you want.

Some apps have preset temperatures setting, and if you are a beginner, this will be helpful when trying to cook meats to the right temperature range.

Look for apps that offer alerts and are compatible with your mobile device. Not all Apps are compatible with Android devices, for example. Most app developers default to “iDevices” or Apple devices first before developing the app for other devices.

Extra features

Most of these gadgets offer the same features, but some go the extra mile. Extra features include customizable alerts, backlit backscreen displays, mounting brackets, magnets.

Some of these thermometers offer up to nine preset temperatures settings.


Wireless meat thermometers usually offer a warranty of at least two years. Some models such as thermoPro TP20 and thermoPro TP 22 offer a 3year warranty when purchased and upon registration of the product.

Manufacturers also offer different coverage for components, including probes. ThermoPro offers the possibility to replace faulty sensors free.


Again, this is another factor that depends on your cooking setup at home. But a good rule of thumb is to look for a light device.


A wireless probe like Meater+ has no wires and can monitor both meat and grill temperature. So it is considered. A dual probe system. Some thermometers can only do one function.

Why can’t you trust the thermometer on your grill hood?

Hood temperature gauges are helpful but can be inaccurate, especially in cheap grills. Firstly, the analog ones don’t provide instant readings unless the temperature inside the grill is high. Second, you cannot bring them inside your house 😉

A good digital thermometer can deliver good accuracy in real-time. It’s also very mobile, which allows you to go grab a beer.

Why is it important to use meat thermometer?

Meat thermometers allow you to be accurate. You can cook food to the exact doneness level you want; a Wireless meat thermometer does the same but allows you to be mobile while keeping an eye on whatever you are cooking.

How do you use a wireless digital meat thermometer?

Place food probes into the meat before cooking. Make sure your transmitter is away from the heat source; only the probe wires go inside the grill. Turn on the thermometer and enjoy cooking.

Why do wireless meat thermometers have wires?

Meat thermometers have long wires connecting each probe to receivers. The cable transfer the heat signal to the receiver.

What is the most accurate digital meat thermometer?

Most people would consider the latest meat thermometer, ThermoWork’s Thermapen One, a fast and easy read model with almost 100% laboratory accuracy. This is a fully functional thermometer that offers more functionality than one would expect from such a device. 10 November 2020.

Conclusion: So Which is the Best Wireless Meat Thermometer?

We chose the Meater Plus as our top pick because of its versatility and mobile app. If you are looking for an all-good-around choice. The TermaWorks Pro series are built well, accurate and reliable.

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