The Best Gifts For Meat Smokers Original, Unique Funny, and Useful Gift Ideas

gifts for meat smokers

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When shopping for gifts for meat smokers or a BBQ lover like me, the sheer variety of ideas and options is overwhelming. This shopping guide will help you find unique, original, and even funny gift ideas to impress your friends and loved ones.

I broke down the ideas into Grilling gifts categories, so it is easy for you to jump right into the best grilling gifts for the BBQ lover in your house.

1. An Amazing BBQ Class Training Course from MasterClass

This is a fantastic gift for anyone and BBQ enthusiasts of all skill levels. has developed an incredible BBQ training course created by none other than the maestro himself, Aaron Fraklin. If you are unfamiliar with Aaron Fraklin, he is a world-renowned and highly regarded pitmaster who has his own restaurant in Austin, Texas.

Among the celebrities who have dined at his restaurant are presidents of the United States, as well as other high-profile figures.

Best Gifts For Meat Smokers

2. Meat Thermometers – Everyone Needs One

If you have a friend or a loved one who loves BBQ but often end up burning or overcooking smoked meats, a meat thermometer is a nice way of saying, “I love you honey, but you need a little help.” 🙂

BBQ people love gadgets, and thermometers are always a popular gift for any barbecue enthusiast. The fact is that even a top-level grill master will use a thermometer when smoking meats.

Here are some excellent options with great reviews.

The Chefstemp

The Chefstemp is a popular instant-read thermometer. What makes it popular and liked by BBQ lovers is its simplicity, speed, and accuracy. The Chefstemp meat thermometer can read the meat’s temperature in 2 seconds, has a long battery life, and is waterproof ( beer spillproof).

There are different options, sizes, and colors to choose from. My recommendation is to go with something small and easy to use. There are many thermometers in the market with so many bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, all you need is to be able to walk up to the smoker, poke the meat, and check its temperature. This should not take more than a few seconds.

chefstemp instant read meat thermometer

A Thermo Pro

The ThemoPop is a favorite stocking stuffer. This instant read thermometer is simple to use and quick. Simply picking it up activates the thermometer’s motion sensor, and it is ready to use.

The display in this thermometer is easy to read and is backlit. Reading meat temperature only takes about three seconds.

Meater Plus – Smart Thermometer

Meat smokers and techies alike will appreciate this gift. The Meater Plus is an excellent option if you are searching for a gift for someone who is into smart devices and likes their gadgets.

This thermometer is suitable for use on a gas grill, a pellet smoker, or any other BBQ smoker.

You get two dishwasher-safe meat sensors and one meat probe, and you can wirelessly monitor the meat temperature from up to 165 feet away!

Inkbird WI-FI thermometer – For the more advanced ( hardcore BBQ Meat Smokers )

This is one of the best gifts for meat smoker lovers like me. Meat smokers with large grills and offset smokers usually smoke more than one cut of meat or more than one protein. This thermometer allows you to connect multiple meat probes and monitor multiple types of meat simultaneously.

You can wirelessly monitor up to 4 color-coded meat probes right from your phone.

3. Charcoal Starters

If you own a charcoal grill or a charcoal smoker, then you know lighting up charcoal can be a nuisance without the right stater. New gadgets have made it to market in recent years, and better and safer ways of starting charcoal are now available.

If you dislike the taste and smell of charcoal starter lighter fluid, looflighters are a terrific chemical-free option for lighting charcoal.

Looflighters operate similarly to hairdryers, except they get considerably hotter. The hot air ignites the charcoal, and you get a good, healthy, clean fire in just a few minutes.

HomeRight Electric Looflighter

The HomeRight looflighter is a top rated charcoal starter that comes with a two-year warranty. It can generate 1500 degrees of hot air to ignite wood or charcoal.

4. BBQ Knives – In the world of bBQ, a good knife is key.

It is a lot of fun to smoke meat, and we all take pride in our culinary masterpieces. Nothing, however, is worse than having to slice a brisket with a crappy knife. A meat lover and meat smokers can always benefit from having a quality brisket slicer in their arsenal.

Mercer Culinary Granton Slicer ( 5 start ratings )

Mercer Culinary Granton Edge is a top-rated slicer. Its blade is made from premium Japanese steel. It is resistant to stains, rust, and corrosion.

CUTLUXE Slicing Carving Knife

MAIRICO Slicing Knife

The Mairrico is also a top rated slicing knife but is a bit shorter at 10 inches long.

TUO Knife Set

Everyone needs a good knife set around the house, including a high-quality chef’s knife. But at the very least, a good knife set is always welcomed.

Ken Onion Knife Sharpener – I can not get over how awesome this is

All I can say is this is a knife sharpener with a “WOW” factor.

This electric sharpener has an angle guide which can be adjusted by turning the knob. It’s not just a barbeque tool but a great gift for those that love tools. This is one of this out the box BBQ gift ideas.

The Ken sharpener is professional grade, so this thing can be used at home, but pros can also use it.

5. “Cool” Meat Smokers and Grills – i.e., not the same old grill

The Pit Barrel Drum Barrel Smoker (AKA UDS)

The Pit Barrel Cooker is an amazing gift and one of the best BBQ smoker gifts. If you or your loved one loves smoking meat, you can say this is the perfect gift. We researched the Pit Boss and found that the number one reason people love this smoker and why it sells so well is due to its simplicity.

Drum smokers are very easy to use, and due to their shape, they produce amazing smoked meat. By the way, UDS means “Ugly Drum Smoker” 🙂


6. Simple Gifts But Useful

The simple things in life. Some people do not need a new smoker, but there is a variety of accessories that can enhance the experience when grilling and smoking meat. Even though these are simple gifts, they are thoughtful and practical.

BBQ Grill Lights

The Pit Boss Clamping Light

Pit Boss clamping LED light provides clear light at night and can clam on virtually all surfaces. Its flexible 12′′ neck allows adjustment and can be bent in a variety of ways. Pit Boss LED Flexible Grill LED Light can be used with any grill and is perfect for outdoor smoking.

If you or your loved one enjoys grilling at night, a good led light should be part of your grilling accessories.

Silicone Gloves

Geekhom Silicone Gloves

Stop burning your hands and handling a hot smoker without gloves. Good gloves provide superior comfort to handle hot food and gear with ease. These gloves are made out of cotton and silicone and are heat resistant to up to 400 degrees f.

7. Seasoning and Sauces

Meat Injectors

If you are smoking a whole chicken, pork shoulder, or turkey, and meat injector is a great grilling tool to have. By injecting liquids deep inside the meat, you can infuse more marinade and hence more flavor.

The Traeger Meat Injector

Made from stainless steel, this knife meat injector has multiple holes in its needle, increasing the amount of marinade that enters the meat.

The needle is three inches long, and because it is stainless, it is easy to clean.

Trager Seasoning

Trager makes amazing grills and smokers, but their BBQ seasoning is very popular too. This is a great gift idea, and you know it will be used.

Trager seasoning is available in different blends for seasoning pork, poultry, beef, and more.

8. Meat Smoking Books

One of the best gifts for meat smokers is a book about smoking techniques and recipes. There are many great books to teach you how to smoke meat.

The books below are very popular and all about meat smoking.


Meathead Goldwyn is a well-known pitmaster and the author of Meathead: The Science of Great BBQ and Grilling.

The book goes beyond the basics of meat smoking culinary skills and uncovers many tips and techniques. It’s the perfect gift for BBQ lovers and smokers who want to up their smoking game and learn how to make food tasty.

Project Smoke

Project smoke has lots of tips and tricks to better your BBQ smoking skills using BBQ smokers. The book contains 100 recipes to please almost every taste.

A wide range of approaches and ideas are covered in this book.

Master of the Grill

All recipes are developed using a scientific approach and technical results.

9. Grilling BBQ Accessories

Grill Brush – To Clean Grill Grates

Cleaning Grill grates is part of grilling and smoking meats. As long as you own a grill or smoker, you will need to use one to keep your smoker clean. A good grill brush can help keep your grill in good shape.

The Grill Rescue Bush

The grill rescue is an excellent alternative to traditional metal bristle brushes. Metal bristles can become off the brush and become lodged in your food, which you will subsequently ingest. This can be hazardous.

Grill Rescue uses a strong type of nylon cloth that cleans your grill when combined with heat and steam.

10. BBQ Apparel Gifts

Funny hats and t-shirts are great gifts and very popular. BBQ Grilling is all about having and fun and spending time with family.

I love gifting apparel because you can get very creative, and some t shits can be

Branded Hats and Tees

Traeger offers fantastic grills, smokers grills, and even apparel. Big Poppa Smokers also offers a good array of t-shirt, hats hoodies, and aprons. 

BBQ Pit Boys has an extensive assortment of merchandise, including Hats, Aprons, and T-shirt Shirts. Kansas City BBQ also has an extensive collection of shirts and caps for any man that likes to smoke meat and has a sense of humor. 


Aprons are lovely, especially if you are a messy cook. There are practical and useful plus also you can find funny ones.

You can find Star Wars Aprons and other themed options too!

11. Just Cook Stuff

Star Wars BBQ Tongs With Sound

A pair of tongs that look like Star War lightsabers. Yeap!

These tongs are more of a toy than an actual tool, but it is the thought that counts. If the person you are giving the present to is a BBQ aficionado and a Star Wars lover, they will surely appreciate it.

Smoking Gun Wood Infusers

Really. This is is a smoking machine. These smoke infusers can be used to give smoky flavor to any food or even drink. Sure, if you own a smoker grill, this may be a nice fit, but if you want to try new foods, beverages, or have an indoor grill, this may be of interest to you.

Smoker Gifts Stocking Stuffers

Any of these would be a perfect stocking stuffer, even for a seasoned barbecue cook or head chef in your family.

Products that fit in a stocking may appear insignificant, but they will undoubtedly make a tremendous impression on the barbeque cook you love. The best barbecue gift is the one that puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Meat tenderizer

Jaccard Supertendermatic 48 Blade Tenderizer is a great gift for anyone who is passionate about preparing tender and delicious meat.

It is the perfect tool for working with tough and lean cuts of meat. This tool uses 48 tiny blades to pierce through meat, thus reducing cooking times and greater marinade penetration.

Bug Killer – Just for Fun

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 launches a shotgun blast of regular table salt that destroys almost all insects on contact.

Not only does this thing actually works, but I guarantee you it is more fun than any other mosquito repellant in your home. This thing is a blast and a conversation starter.

This salt blaster will be a hit with all of your friends.

I hope you enjoy this guide. It sure was a lot of fun putting and gathering all these products.

Happy Grillin’

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