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Which Pellet Grills Made in USA and Where to Find Them

pellet grills made in usa

With many pellet grill brands and models, do you ever find yourself looking for pellet grills made in USA? Welcome to the most current list of pellet grills made in the USA. We know that many brands have chosen to move manufacturing overseas in an effort to reduce costs and bring affordable products to the consumer.

To make matters more confusing, savvy marketing has enabled some grill manufacturers to claim to be American companies although their products are manufactured overseas. In short, yes, a company can call itself a US company, although every product is imported. However, they should note and let the consumer know where the product is made.

Then there are those manufacturers that import components (globally sourced components) for their products and assemble the grill in the US. You could say these are USA products, but this article will focus on US manufactured pellet grills.

Lastly, USA Pellet Grills. These are manufacturers that design, build, and assemble their grills in the United States of America. This article will show you a list of these “made in the USA” wood pellet grills and where you can find them.

List of Pellet Grills Made in USA – American Made Pellet Grills Brands

Here is the long-awaited list of pellet grills made right here at home in the USA. We will also share some brands that might have started manufacturing here in the US and later moved manufacturing overseas.

Keep in mind that we are not criticizing any of these companies, and that the fact that certain companies manufacture their products abroad may not have an effect on the quality of their products.

Many pellet grills brands are moving production plants overseas to reduce manufacturing costs.

1. MAK Grills Wood Pellet Grills

Mak 1 Grill

Meet Mak Grills. An amazing company located in the small town of Dallas, Oregon, USA.

The MAK Grills brand was brought to life by Bob and Kerry Tucker and is a family-run business. This company is veteran-owned and has a long history. Like many small businesses, their businesses had to adapt and transform during challenging economic times.

Their hard work, persistence, and ethics turned this metal fabricating company into a pellet grill manufacturer. The company still manufactures components for precision tools and equipment. That same precision and attention to quality go into their grills.

They adhere to rigorous standards and manufacture high-quality products. From the meat probe to the auger, every component is made in the United States. Design, production, testing, and customer service are all performed by US workers.

This company employ a large number of people in production design, customer support, and delivery. Not only do they hire veterans, but they also treat their staff like family. MAK grills are truly 100 percent made in the USA.

Things you will find in these high-quality grills are components build-out of 304 stainless steel, hand-made parts, and excellent customer support. A Mak Grill is a product of hard work and American ingenuity.

2. Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers is an established brand in Kansas that manufactures heavy-duty pellet grills in the US. They use 14 or 10 gauge steel, making their pellet grills extremely sturdy and heavy. Yoder Smokers look like tanks.

The YS480s model is one of Yoder’s popular models. It features stay-cool handles, integrated meat probes, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Yoder smokers are built to last, which also means these grills are heavy. Yoder claims to have an industry-leading warranty of 10 years on the cooking chamber and three years on other electrical components.

We like to call these grills “BBQ tanks on wheels.”

3. Blaz’n Grill Works

Blaz’n Grill Works is an American manufacturer based out of Beatrice, Nebraska. In 2011, they started an American-made pellet grill project at their manufacturing plant. Since then, their barbecues have won multiple awards at BBQ contests worldwide.

Blaz’n Grill wood pellet grills are competition grade and made of heavy gauge steel for better heat retention and durability.

4. Smokin Brothers Inc.

Smokin Brothers is another family-owned business that started in Southwest Missouri in 2008. It started out as a family affair, competing in local BBQ competitions and later developing their own sources and robs. It wasn’t long before they decided to weld together their own grills for better outdoor cooking and better results.

Temperature control is everything when it comes to cooking good BBQ. In 2011, Smokin Brothers designed and built their first pellet grill; later adding a few models to their product line. These grills are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel.

When developing and manufacturing their first pellet grill at home, this company drew on its own expertise in BBQ competitions for their designs.

Who came up with the name Smokin Brothers? 🙂

5. Pitts & Spitts Grills

One noticeable trait of Pitts & Spits ( say that fast three times ) is their high quality stainless steel and carbon steel construction. These grills look good and are built for use and abuse, plus they offer good heat retention.

These grills are like something you’d see in a commercial kitchen but are built for competitions and people like you and me.

Texas has some of the best BBQ and also one of the best grill manufacturers. Pitts and Spitts manufactures their grills in Texas. Their designs are traditional, but these pellet grills deliver performance and quality. They also make charcoal grills using the same quality standards.

6. Twin Eagles Pellet Grills

Twin Eagles set its sights on users’ grilling experience and use the finest materials to create luxurious-looking grills and high-end products. Twin Eagles pellet grills can be called the Mercedes Benz of grills. These grills look and feel like top-level gas grills, but Twin Eagles’ pellet grills are fueled by wood pellets.

A Twin Eagles pellet grill will set you back a few bucks. Still, no other grills come close to the elegancy, fit and finish, and technology included in these grills. This company’s primary focus is enjoying outdoor living in style.

While other brands in this list cater more to the commercial or completion BBQ enthusiasts, this brand niche is stylish outdoor living.

Twin Eagles makes all its pellet grills in California, USA. This company has set its focus on luxury pellet cooking grills and outdoor home appliances. The engineers emphasize on precision, superior performance, and elegant finishing.

7. The Cookshack Pellet Grill Co

The Cookshack Pellet grill

I love brand stories like Cookshack and Fast Eddy. The Cookshack, then a small company started as a husband and wife team, Gene and Judy Ellis, found a shared passion and developed a line of BBQ rubs and sauces still in the market today.

Eventually, and a common trade among the top pitmasters, Gene realized that the best cookers available in the market weren’t good enough for his craft and built and designed his own. This was the beginning of Cookshack, but then Eddy joined the story.

In 1986Ed Maurin joined a BBQ completion team. Later, in the 1990s, he started his BBQ catering business using a pit he built himself. It wasn’t long when, in 1997, Eddy showed the world the FEC100, a top-quality competition and commercial-grade smoker.

Commercial kitchens at the time saw their answer when Cookshack and Fast Eddy joined forces, and the FEC750 was released. The FEC 750 is a common sight in commercial kitchens in the US and at BBQ competitions.

Eddy is still involved in the development of the Fast Eddy’s grills from his hometown in Ponca City.

The Fast Eddy’s Pellet grills combine commonly found features of a high-end grill and smoker. Pitmasters and BBQ enthusiasts use these pellet grills in BBQ competitions and have for years.

Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

Cookshack PG500 is a popular wood pellet grill. It works as both a BBQ grill and a smoker, all in one package. This grill is designed to work as a mini commercial kitchen offering four cooking zones for all types of grilling. The PG500 is made using stainless steel for durability, temperature control, and efficiency.

8. The “Original” PK Grill & Smoker ( not a Pellet Grill but still made in the USA )

PK Grill

The Original PK grill is the industry standard on no-fluff grilling at an affordable price. This company has won many awards and is used by many pitmasters. It is a lightweight hand-poured cast aluminum grill similar to those made in the 1950s and 1960s.

The key is mainly the aluminum body and its 4-point ventilation system, which is entirely adjustable. The frame is rectangular, making it easy to set coals for direct or indirect cooking. The grill is known for perfect airflow, heat control, and even heat distribution.

Sure is not a pellet smoker, but this specific model is not made in other countries and is a fantastic camping grill or portable smoker made in Arkansas, USA.

9. Hasty-Bake Legacy 131 Powder Coated Charcoal

Hasty-Bake has specialized in charcoal grills in the United States since 1948 (headquartered in Tulsa, OK).

Are there pellet grills made in the USA in 2024?

Yes, there are, and it might surprise you to learn which pellet grills are made in the USA and which ones are not. We are not implying that grills made overseas are inferior to those manufactured in the USA. Most companies have good relations with their overseas factories and can control quality.

But there are many “off the shelf” overseas brands with a pretty label making it to the market (private or white label brands), and well, those brands leave a lot to desire as far as quality.

Many pellet grills and smokers are manufactured in China, but some are still manufactured in the United States. Making things overseas is a common way to increase profit margins, lower the cost of manufacturing, and keep prices low for customers.

I understand why people want to buy pellet grills made in the USA. Not only are you supporting the brand, most likely a small business, you are also supporting the pellet grill companies’ workers and US manufacturing jobs.

Typically, the quality of pellet grills made in the United States is superior. This is not always the case, though. Companies in the United States that have strong control over the production processes in other countries are able to define how the product is built and maintain high quality standards.

Below you will find the pellet grill brands made in the USA today.

What is a pellet smoker?

Of almost all the different meat smoking and grilling methods available, pellet smokers are the easiest to use because they are thermostatically controlled. You just choose the temperature you want to cook at, and a digital controller keeps the cooking chamber at that temperature by feeding wood pellets as needed.

Wood pellet grills offer the convenience of an electric smoker, that “set it and forget it” ease of use, but the flavor of a charcoal or offset smoker since you are burning wood pellets.

Our detailed pellet grill guide explains how these pellet smokers work and how the top pellet grills operate.

Who Invented the Pellet grill, and Where did the Pellet Smokers come from?

Joe Traeger first invented pellet grills in the mid-1980s and also patented his design. Traeger is the original pellet grill and the first pellet grill available to consumers. Joe Traeger started his company making pellet stoves and then used all his knowledge to develop the pellet grill we know today. [1]

In 2006 when Traeger’s pellet grill patent expired, other grill manufacturers jumped to the market and manufactured their own pellet grill brands and models.

In the early days, most pellet smokers had simple controllers with few settings, and the technology was simple. Digital thermostatic controllers dictate pellet-feed cycles using temperature sensors inside the cooking chamber.

Some pellet controllers, referred to as PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controllers, also feature integrated meat probes for reading internal meat temperature and helping monitor the cooking process.

These grills have come a long way, and new technology can be found in new models. Wireless remote operation, monitoring, and integration with mobile devices are common in new wireless pellet grills and smokers.

Now you can monitor cooking and meat temperatures from your smartphone, allowing you to cook delicious dishes while enjoying time with friends.

Is it a smoker or a grill?

Manufacturers market pellet cookers as both grills and smokers. Due of their versatility, these grills can do both. Depending on the manufacturer, a quality pellet grill has the bulk of the characteristics of a big offset smoker, including indirect fire cooking and low-temperature cooking.

These grills can also achieve temperatures high enough to cook hamburgers, and some can even sear steaks.

Some manufacturers offer pellet smokers designed specifically for smoking meat, which typically operate at lower temperatures and do not reach high enough temperatures to grill hamburgers or steaks.

Read More:

Best Pellet Smokers and Grills Guide

Other Great American companies making their grills overseas

It is important to remind you that a good pellet grill is the one that cooks well, works best for you and your budget. There are hundreds of brands, and the truth is that the majority of them build their grills overseas.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are excellent brands like Traeger and Pit Boss that have been offering customers high-quality, affordable products for years. Most of the grills in the list above serve a very small niche of consumers, including die-hard enthusiasts, competitors, and commercial users.

Leading brands or household brands might outsource their manufacturing, but they can also mass-produce affordable products for the masses, including the average BBQ backyard warrior.

Here is a list of other American companies that make excellent wood pellet grills, but some aspects of manufacturing are done overseas.

1. Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

Traeger pellet grills

Traeger is the original pellet grill and the brand that started it all. Traeger grills were originally built in the US. However, after a few changes and company changes, the decision was made to manufacture the grills overseas. Still, you can expect exceptional quality and innovation from a Traeger. Their grills are packed with convenient features and advanced technology, making them a leading brand in the pellet grills market.

2. Z Grills – Affordable Quality and Performance


Z Grill is another brand gaining popularity and has built a large following over the last few years. Many people do not know that Z Grills used to make and manufacture pellet grills for other very well-known brands.

This is a common approach in which some businesses bring a product to market by outsourcing manufacturing and private labeling it. The Z Grills company knows a lot about building good grills. Z Grills provides high-quality grills at half the cost of Traeger and many other brands. You don’t get the technology of a Traeger grill, but you also don’t get their sticker price price.

3. Pit Boss – The People’s Grill

pit boss Austin

Pit Boss is another popular brand. These grills are affordable and built for the average backyard warrior. With Pit Boss, you get a lot of grill for your money without any fancy gadgetry ( although new Pit Boss models incorporate cutting-edge technology ). Pit Boss also offers a few propane models if you are looking for a gas grill.

4. Camp Chef

The CampChef Windwood

Camp Chef is another excellent brand known for offering a wide range of outdoor products. Their grills are not made in the US but are good quality and offer many features. For example, Camp Chef offers a bolt-on sear station for their pellet grills.

5. Grilla Grills Pellet Smoker Serires

Grilla Grills make good products and are a mean pellet smoker. Grilla Grills moved its manufacturing operations to China to reduce its production costs. Grilla Grill says it has become harder to compete with cheap imported pellet grills.

Why are Pellet Grills Made Overseas?

Simple kids, is all about the money. You see, grills made in the US mainly cater to commercial clients, BBQ competitors, and commercial use. It costs money to mass-produce a grill and try to sell it to every American. Also, making these grills affordable so companies can sell thousands instead of a few hundred requires grill manufacturers to price their grills cheaper than a cellphone and not more than a used car.

Are Traeger pellet grills made in China?

Traeger grills are manufactured in China and are imported into the US. Traeger produced its grills in Oregon until 2010, when the grill company commenced outsourcing to China.

Are Pit Boss pellet grills manufactured in the United States?

Pit Boss Grills are manufactured in China and then imported into the US market. However, Pit Boss does offer good quality grills at competitive prices. 

Is Camp Chef made in the USA?

Camp Chef pellet grills are manufactured in China and imported in the United States. Amazon or Camp chef doesn’t specify the origin of their grills on their website. Camp Chef doesn’t explicitly list the origin countries on its website.

Regardless of where the grill is made, here are a few things you should look for in a good pellet grill


We look for grills, brands, and models constructed out of good materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, and other heavy gauge metals. Suitable materials will add to the grill’s weight, but they will last longer. Typically, grills made in the USA are built using top-quality materials.


Some warranty policies cover both components and labor for anywhere between one year and five years. There are exceptions, and some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties. Be sure to read the fine print of a grill’s warranty. Some manufacturers only cover certain parts, while others cover specific components for more years, but parts are prone to failure for less.

Heat Control and Retention

Heat control and retention have always been important aspects of any grill. The grill’s construction and design will affect its ability to control and distribute heat.

High heat cooking does not require good heat retention, but meat smoking and cold smoking does.


Sure, we want the greatest gadgets and quality, as well as the largest cooking area for the least amount of money. This is why so many grills are manufactured outside of the United States. Many companies have outsourced production due to consumer demand, which is unfortunate for many American workers. A grill built in the United States will help the local economy.

Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker Guide

If you want to learn more about all types of wood pellet smokers, our pellet grills guide is an excellent place to find the top-performing models. A good pellet grill goes beyond a shiny stainless shell.

One Last Word

This list is great for people looking for a pellet grill manufacturer based in the US. Your support of these brands not only helps sustain the American economy, but you will also get a grill built with excellent materials and local USA customer service. 





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