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Top 5 WiFi pellet grills And Smokers [ 2024 ] – Wood Fired Flavor Meets Technology

wifi pellet grills

A WiFi pellet grill gives every BBQ enthusiast, regardless of skill level, an extra level of convenience, control, and monitoring. WiFi equipped pellet grills may be operated, controlled, and monitored remotely while cooking, allowing you to spend more time with your friends and family.

This is incredible technology, and it is no surprise that everyone is looking for WiFi pellet grills these days. The ability to monitor and control your grill from anywhere in the world is outstanding. All you need is an Internet connection, a home wireless router, and a mobile phone.

Not all pellet grills have a WiFi-enabled control panel or even Bluetooth connectivity. So, in this article, we will share with you not only the best WiFi pellet grills but also the top models.

The 5 Best WiFi Pellet Grills Reviewed and Ranked

1. Traeger Pro 575 or 780 – Traeger WiFi pellet grill – Our Top Pick

The Traeger Pro 575

Traeger grills are leading the pellet grill revolution and are one of the top-selling pellet grill brands on the market today. Traeger Grills has been in business for decades, perfecting the Traeger grill models that we all love today. [2]

The Traeger Grill Pro Series is their entry-level series, but do not let the word “entry” fool you. Traeger Grills are top quality and pack the best technology and features. The Pro series allows consumers to get a taste of all this quality and technology in smaller packages and at lower prices. Still, you can enjoy many of the features and technologies found in their top-tier models.

Here is why the Traeger Grills Pro series is the best WiFi Pellet Grill.

First and foremost, the Traeger app, WiFIRE, is the most feature-rich and well-developed of any pellet grill software on the market. The Traeger app has capabilities that other barbecue applications either lack or do not have.

Traeger grills, for example, have a pellet level sensor inside the pellet hopper that measures the level of pellets. The sensor can send this data to the digital controller, which can send notifications directly to your phone via the app.

This is leading technology as most grills only send you an alert only after the grill has run out of pellets. Yeah, I know, useless. 🙂

Combine its WiFi capabilities with Traeger’s powerful D2 controller to provide precise temperatures plus build quality, and you have a clear winner.

What we like:

  • Pellet Level Sensor and Pellet Level Display in the APP!
  • The D2 controller with a variable speed fan – smart!
  • Works with Alexa – “Say, Alexa, set my grill temperature to 350”
  • Includes Meat Probes
  • The app has hundreds of recipes.

What we don’t like:

  • Quite frankly we don’t have anything negative to say about Traeger grills. These are good grills and you pay for quality.

2. Z Grills ( New ) Multitasker – Our Runner Up [WiFi and Bluetooth]

z grills multitasker pellet wifi grill

Z Grills Multitasker is Z Grills’ new entry into the wireless wood pellet grill arena. Z Grills is known for making good and affordable pellet grills that are easy and simple to use. The Multitasker, as its name implies, is a large grill capable of handling many cuts of meat at the same time. It offers lots of cooking space and, of course, wireless technology.

We all love wood-fired flavor, and wood-fired taste is more enjoyable when it requires less work. This is why we are all enjoying these wireless grills. Z Grills Smarter Grill app lets you monitor the grill’s temperature and adjust the grill’s temperature.

The Z Grill’s app is not as feature-rich as Traeger’s, but you get the basics: temperature control and temperature monitoring.

What we like:

  • Large grill with good technology.
  • Front shelf and side cutting board.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth ready.

What we don’t like:

  • Larger grills are heavy and hard to move around.

3. Camp Chef WiFi Woodwind Pellet Grill [WiFi and Bluetooth ]

The Camp Chef Woodwind

Camp Chef is a great brand and another pellet grill with a WiFi option. Camp Chef is a more affordable alternative to other grills on this list but still offers good features and good quality.

Here are a few things we like about the Camp Chef. First, you get a beautiful stainless steel lid that is easy to clean and, well, it just looks cool. But the real reason we like the Camp Chef is that you get a lot for your dollar. You get a WiFi and Bluetooth-ready grill to manage and control the PID controller and four meat probes to monitor up to four different types of meats.

You also get Camp Chef’s Ash Kickin ash cleanout system and their unique Slide and Grill system. These are two cool features that are unique to the Camp Chef grills. The ash cleanout system consists of a removable cup underneath the grill; pull a lever and remove the ash cup. You just cleaned your grill!

The Slide and Grill system allows you to purchase several propane-powered side add-ons for this grill. This grill’s versatility is improved with the addition of a pizza oven and a searing grill. The main takeaway from these grills is their affordability. Camp Chef has kept its grills reasonably priced while packing them with a bunch of options.

What we like:

  • Slide and Grill System – attach a side burner for searing or a pizza box to bake.
  • Simple WiFi app, simple monitoring.
  • Removable ash cup.

What we don’t like

  • Camp Chef makes good stuff, but some storage would be nice.

4. Green Mountain Davy Crockett WiFi Control Portable Wood Pellet Grill

The Green Mountain pellet grill

The Green Mountain is a nice option for those looking for a portable compact pellet grill grill that they can take anywhere. This grill can be operated using your car’s battery or a regular power outlet. And yes, it is wireless.

What we like:

  • Can operate using your car’s battery. ( or 12 volt outlet )
  • Compact and light enough to use on a table.

What we don’t like:

  • This is a smaller grill, so the hopper capacity will be less than the larger grills on this list.

5. PIT BOSS PRO SERIES II 600 – Pit Boss WiFi Pellet Grill

Pit Boss introduced the Pro Series, and it is good in quality and features good technology. This grill can also be controlled using a mobile app, and you can monitor the meat’s temperature using the meat probes.

What we like:

  • Good quality.
  • Thick powder coating.

What we don’t like:

  • It’s only sold in a few selected retailers, and people want options!

Let talk about WiFi and App functionality in pellet grills

While most manufacturers offer WiFi-ready pellet grills and smokers, only a few take the functionality to the next level.

For example, some manufacturers only offer the ability to monitor the grill’s temperature. Others offer the ability to monitor the grill’s temperature and the meat, and then there are the top manufacturers offering the ability to monitor the grill’s and food temperature plus remotely adjust the grill’s temperature using a mobile app.

Traeger takes WiFi functionality with the Traeger WiFire app to the next level by including additional features such as a hopper pellet level monitoring sensor that shows you the pellet levels in the hopper. Not only when the pellets on the grill run out like most grills. This is huge!

Traeger WiFi App

For even greater convenience, some pellet grill manufacturers include Bluetooth connectivity in some of their grill models. This means that even if you do not have a WiFi connection available, you connect your phone directly to the grill and control the grill with your phone. Similar to how you would connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker.

What is a WiFi Pellet Grill?

A WiFi pellet grill connects to your home WiFi and can be managed, controlled, and monitored using a smartphone. Via the smartphone app, you can see crucial information about your grill and food, such as temperatures, cooking times, and adjusting cooking temperatures.

This type of technology lets you keep an eye on your grill while you do chores around your house or entertain your guests. For example, you can set the desired temperature and go mow the grass and check your grill anytime.

How do I choose the best WiFi pellet grill?

Not all Pellet grills are built equal, and even those with a WiFi-enabled controller might not offer the features you are looking for.

So, in this section, we will go over the features and qualities you should look for when buying a new wireless pellet grill this year.

WiFi Enabled, Bluetooth Enabled or Both

While some pellet grills are only WiFi capable, others are Bluetooth capable, and some are both. Consider this, if you will use your grill both in your backyard at home and at the campsite, a WiFi and Bluetooth wireless pellet grill will be ideal for you.

At home, you can connect to your home WiFi network, and at the campsite, where likely you will not have wireless connectivity, you can use the Bluetooth connection.

If you are planning on only using your grill only at home, a grill with only a wireless connection will be good enough and save you money. Grills with both Bluetooth and wireless enabled controllers are more expensive.

Convenience and Features

The conveniences of using a WiFi pellet grill are determined only by how well the technology works and how simple its control features are.

A wood pellet grill needs to cook and cook well; let’s start there. But all this technology also has to work. If it is too complicated to set up the WiFi controller or if the system is unreliable, you will feel very disappointed and find that you have wasted your money.

Also, some brands’ WiFi technologies are too basic and do not justify the cost. If all the grill offers is meat temperature information, is it worth the extra cash for that functionality? Or is it cheaper to just buy a wireless meat thermometer?

The best WiFi pellet grill models offer innovative features like those found in the Traeger app, which includes recipes and can auto-adjust temperatures based on those recipes. Pick a recipe from the app and let the grill cook.

But essential and good features to have are the ability to control the temperature manually from the app, view the grill’s temperature, and monitor the internal temperature of the meat. These are the essential qualities of a good wireless grill.

Grill size and Square Inches of Cooking Space

No matter how much money you spend on a grill, it will be pointless if it lacks sufficient square inches of cooking space or grilling surface area.

The cooking space in your grill is something you can not change after the purchase. Only buying a new larger grill will be the solution. This is why it is important to consider the size of grill you need before buying.

If you have a small family, then 300 to 500 square inches of cooking space will work great but if you are planning on grilling for large groups, events, or entertaining, then consider a pellet grill with a larger capacity, something around the 800 to 1000 square inch range.

When shopping for a pellet grill smoker, a larger cooking chamber should be considered if planning to smoke large portions of meat such as briskets or pork shoulders.

If you enjoy cooking different types of proteins and side dishes, consider a pellet grill with multiple grill grates and even warming racks. Warming racks are great for placing food after it is done cooking and even warming up slices of bread.

Pro tip: Porcelain grill grates are easy to clean and offer a great non-stick surface for your food.

Construction Quality

Whether you are purchasing a grill, a car, or a house, quality is an important ranking factor in every grill we review. Just keep in mind that grills built using quality materials will cost more, but will also last longer, retain heat better, and cook more efficiently.

Look for grills built out of heavy gauge steel, 304 stainless steel components, and those finishes are powder coated with nice thick coats of powder coat. Powder coat is a strong coating and does better than paint when exposed to high heat and temperatures. Powder coating is also more durable. [1]

Hopper Capacity and Easily Swap Pellets

The fuel in a pellet grill is held in a pellet hopper. Every Pellet grill has a pellet hopper, and the hopper feeds the pellets to a burning pot using an auger. Once you start your grill, the auger will start feeding pellets from the hopper to the firepot.

If you need to add more pellets, simply open the hopper and dump more, but if you need to change the pellet flavor, then a hopper with an easy-to-use pellet cleanout door is a must. If you are like me and like to experiment with different wood pellet flavors, look for grills with good hopper clean doors, so it is easy to swap pellets.

The hopper capacity is also important. Pellet grills burn about one pound of pellets per hour, so a 20 pound pellet hopper can fuel your grill for about 20 hours.


Cleaning a grill can be a pain, so we recommend grills with removable parts and easy-to-clean components. For example, removable grease drip pans or grease buckets are easy to wash. Removable ash pans are also easy to clean.

The cleaner you keep your grill, the better it will operate and the longer it will last.

Grill Warranty and Customer Support

These grills have many moving parts, including fans, an auger, and, yes, a digital controller. Grills with so much technology are bound to have issues; thus, having a solid warranty is beneficial.

Even if you never run into issues, you might have some questions with so much technology and so many gadgets.

Companies like Traeger pellet grills, Camp Chef, and Pit Boss are well known for having excellent customer service. One of the nicest things nowadays is being able to pick up the phone and speak with a live person who can answer your questions.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Pellet Grills


  • WiFi pellet grills offer a lot of conveniences and automation.
  • Easy to keep an eye on your food from anywhere.
  • You can adjust the grill’s temperature quickly from anywhere.
  • For individuals with little experience grilling, this type of technology can be a huge help.


  • Wireless systems, components, and controllers can increase the grill’s price.
  • Forget about the KISS principle here… more stuff to go wrong.

So which WiFi Pellet Grill is Best and Why

The clear winner is the Traeger Pro. Not only is Traeger a well-established company, but it has also worked very hard to develop the quality and technology of its grills.

Traeger is a leader when it comes to quality, technology, and functionality. However, companies like Z Grills are also offering great WiFi grills and a lot of value.

If you are looking for value for the dollar, Z Grills are a great option, but if you are willing to spend a little more to get more features, yet stay below the price point of a Traeger grill, then take a look at Camp Chef.





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