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The best fire pit chairs: outdoor Comfort

fire pit chairs

Sitting around a fire pit with a nice cup of hot beverage and chatting with friends and loved ones is one of the purest forms of quality time. So how about doing it in great comfort? In this article I talk about fire pit chairs and, through my tests, research, and own experiences, will share with you the best fire pit chairs you can get to sit in front of the fire.

Selecting fire pit chairs

Some of these chairs can cost a pretty penny, so it is important to take a closer look at the quality and materials used to build the chair. I focus heavily on materials and design to measure quality.

To narrow down your choices and find the best, it is important to consider how you will be using the chair. Is this going to be a chair for a patio furniture set? is going to be seen outdoors throughout the year. You also want to consider if the chair is for home use or for outdoor use, such as camping. The answers to these questions will determine the type of chair that might be a good fit for you. 

Later in this article, I go into more detail on what to consider when choosing a fire pit chair and also specifically which ones are best for home furniture and which ones are best for outdoor use, such as camping. I cover both.

Here are the best fire pit chairs we picked

The Polywood Modern Folding Adirondack Chair – our Top Pick

polywood chair

Polywood is extremely popular in the outdoor , grilling, and camping niches. Their Adirondack chairs have earned a reputation for being extremely durable and comfortable. Polywood took a very smart approach by designing chairs that look as if they are made out of wood but are actually made out of polyethylene or HDPE. In simpler words, these fire pit chairs are made out of plastic, but very hard plastic.

What this means for the consumer is that these chairs can be left outside and will not rust or get damaged by water, snow, or UV rays. But here is the cool thing that you may or may not know about this brand and one of the main reasons to consider them. Polywood recycles millions of pounds of plastic containers and manufactures what they call “POLYWOOD LUMBER.” Just as it sounds, these are wood planks made out of plastic. They even look like plastic. They inject color and other stuff for rigidity and usability, but the chairs are plastic.

I have a pair of these chairs and they are unbelievably comfortable; I say unbelievably because they appear hard at first, but something about the angle of the seat and the back support these chairs provide make them extremely comfortable. I picked up my set from a local HomeGoods store where I live here in Florida, and here are two things to keep in mind. They are heavy, very heavy, and although they fold, is not enough to fit in a small car, The fold is flat and good enough to pick up the chair and transport it, but I wouldn’t say these are the chairs you want to take on every trip to the beach, but they are absolutely comfortable to sit around a fire pit.

Although Polywood offers non-foldable models, this specific chair model comes fully assembled and is foldable.

My set is now 6 months old and there is no discoloration or damage. They have been outside during all the hot Florida summer and now the cold weather. I enjoy taking out my pellet grill and doing BBQ outside.

I find the sitting position very comfortable, although the seat of the chair is at an angle and for some it might be hard to get up, but it is a comfortable place to be around the fire pit.

Why our top choice?

First and foremost, the aesthetics of the set are superb and complements modern house decor. This outdoor patio furniture set is ideal for creating the best outdoor design and sitting comfortably around a fire pit.

Foldable: yes

Material: Plastic ( Polyethylene).

Comfort: 5 of 5

Warranty: 5 out of 5

Price: 4 out of 5

What we like:

  • Amazing quality
  • Folding Adirondack chair
  • Low maintenance
  • “Made in the USA” 
  • Sturdy

 Things to consider:

  • Heavy
  • Low to the ground
  • The holding pings can be hard to push in and remove.

The KINGYES Adirondack Chair

kingyes fire pit chair

The KINGYES chairs are another good option for comfortable seating around a fire pit. These chairs are built much in the same way as our top pick, but the main difference between the KINGSYES chair and the Polywood is price, and the design is slightly different. These are also made out of recycled plastic and share many of the characteristics of the Poly, but they do add a few features that are nice, especially for the lower price.

First you get a cup holder, which I really like because on my Polywoods I put my beer on the hand rest and when it gets slippery, I end up losing a few ounces of beer.

You also get an adjustable back rest, which is helpful for those who might have trouble getting up from the chair.

When folding these chairs, I found removing the securing pin a bit easier and I like that the pin is attached to a small link chain so you don’t lose it. It does mess with the aesthetics a bit, but not a huge deal to me.

These chairs are easy to put together, but they are heavy. Maybe have a friend nearby to help you. During assembly, you might want to have a small drill bit ready as some of the screw holes might be covered with plastic from the factory.

 What we like:

  • Folding Reclining
  • Assembling is easy.

Things to Consider:

  • You will see a chain

Tyrz Adirondack Chairs – Budget

Tyrz adirondack chair

Tyrz Adirondack Chairs are very close to our top pick, Polywood. The main differences are price and these fire pit chairs are not foldable; they need to be assembled. Other than that, Tryz’s approach is very similar to Polywoods. In fact, they use the same base material, polyethylene, as their main building material. Certainly, there are differences in the manufacturing prices, but the main material is the same.

The quality of these chairs is also very good. Besides the plastic parts, all the furniture hardware is 304 stainless steel, making the design of these chairs sturdy and durable.

Here is where I think the price difference comes into play and is fit and finish. The Poly’s feel very strong. I mean, the foldable models wiggle a hair, but that is because there are joins between the pieces to allow them to fold. The Tyrz chairs are thinner and slightly flimsier.

Then there is the finish, compared to our top pick. These chairs do not share the same finish quality as our top pick does. With the Poly’s, the finish almost looks like real wood. With these chairs, you can tell they are plastic.

Expect some manufacturing flaws, such as holes filled with paste where screws go and a lower quality overall. These furniture companies are in the USA and are an affordable option for comfortable seating around a fire pit.

What we like:

  • Adjustable

Things to consider:

  • A bit lower quality but still go to sit around a fire pit

The GCI FirePit Rocker Chair

CGA Chair

No, we are getting more into the portable options in this article and just as I discussed earlier, there is fire pit furniture for home use and then there are options for outdoor seating around a firepit at the campsite. Options like the CGI Rocker chair are great for camping or outdoor activities because they are designed with portability in mind. These are lighter chairs compared to Adirondack chairs, which weigh anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds.

CGI makes all kinds of outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, and benches. Their gear helps make camping fun and comfortable while cooking a great dinner with their campfire cooking tools.

Solid Wood Fire Pit Bench ( outdoor sitting bank)

Solid Wood outdoor bench

Some might not want just chairs and be looking for an accent piece to create a cozy fire pit area or just something different. What is very cool about this fire pit bench is that it is first made out of cedar, which gives the fire pit seating area a nice rustic feel; second, these benches are curved, meaning that four pieces can make a full circle around most fire pits. So everyone gets an equal view of the fire. 

Unlike with an Adirondack chair, a bench will not give you back support and will not be as comfortable, but it is different. 

Assembly of the benches is easy, and it involves attaching the legs with a couple of allen screws. The allen wrench is included.  

The Solid Wood Fire pit bench set makes a great alternative to and adirondack chair

This beck is made of acacia wood and has a simple design. It makes a great decorative piece for outdoors or even inside the house.

This bench is solid but there are a few things to consider. First it is made out of wood so it will require some maintenance and even refinishing from time to time. If you live in my home state of Florida expect the summer sun to take a toll on this set. Second, the legs are a bit narrow and if you are planning on using this set outdoors, the legs can sink in wet grass or dirt.

Nevertheless, these benches weigh way less than an adirondack chair and are easier to move around, transport, and store. 

What we like:

  • Beautiful fit and finish made our of wood

This to Consider:

  • The wood might require some maintenance


GCI Outdoor Roadtrip Rocker Collapsible Outdoor Chair

CGI roadtrip chair

I talked about another CGI chair but this model takes portability to the max. The design is very clever; you can completely fold this chair flat and on its side and fit in a small carrying bag. These chairs work very well, are rugged and light. I have a pair of these and my favorite for sitting around a fire pit or taking to food truck night.

These CGI rockers are not as comfortable as an Adirondack, but they are easy to move and don’t weigh much.

This is a good fit for those looking for something light that they can use around the fire pit. These are also good for camping, taking to festivals, and, of course, cooking around a fire or with your portable pellet grill.

Although not the priests these CGI rocker chairs make great fire pit seating chairs.

What to consider when selecting your next chair for seating around the firepit

The first thing to consider is how you will be using fire pit chairs. Is this going to be part of an outdoor area and part of your home decor? Therefore, seating furniture for your patio. Or are these more traveling or camping chairs that will be used around a campfire, at the beach, or wherever you go? So let’s go over the things to consider in more detail.

Foldable and portable chairs

A foldable fire pit chair will be a better option for those wanting a light chair that can be taken camping, to the beach or anywhere in the world where you want to set your fire pit.

Foldable outdoor furniture sets are available and should be considered if you want a set that is easy to store or move around to clean or keep safe, but isn’t necessarily meant to be moved around often.

On the other hand, there are sets that are specifically designed for outdoor fire pit use and are built not only so they can be folded but also light enough to make them easy to transport and throw on the back of a pickup truck or car.

So consider if you need that level of portability on a foldable set, or if a regular affixed set will do.


Fire pit chairs are part of the experience, and as such, they need to be comfortable. Especially if you intend to spend a few hours hanging out with your friends and family. Some chairs have crazy designs and kind of look good with the ambience, but they are far from comfortable. So consider the materials and shape of the chair to make sure it is a comfortable option.

Contrary to what you might believe, the material of the chair alone will not affect how comfortable the chair is. The chair’s material will impact comfort too. For instance, the sit angle alone can make a chair very comfortable.


A warranty is essential for any product we buy, but especially for outdoor furniture.These fire pit chairs are not only exposed to the elements but also the heat of the fire. These chairs will be left outside in the cold, rain, and wind, and even dragged and dropped a few times. This is why I recommend looking for chairs with a good warranty in case something goes wrong, a part fails, or you simply need replacement parts. There are cheap chairs that work well, but when it is time to call customer support, well, you get the point.


As with everything we buy, price is always a determining factor, but I have to be real here; quality does come at a price, and some of these fire pit chairs are exorbitantly priced. However, set your budget and try to find the best quality chair you can afford. Some brands use high quality materials, which increases their price, while others are just selling you eye candy, like cup holders and phone holders.

I always like to spend on quality as much as possible, then on the features, which I will talk about below, last.


Not necessarily a deal breaker, but if you are trying to decide between two chairs, for example, look at the features of each of them. Some chairs offer things like cup holders, carrying handles, and some even carry bags. If those things are important to you and you think they’ll come in handy around the fire pit, then make it part of your list. If not, these features are often good areas to save on cost.

Weight of Furniture

Weight is important because it can determine everything from shipping costs to whether you’ll be able to move these things around come fall. Let’s say you are looking for a set to leave all year around a beautiful fire pit outback, then weight might not be that much of a factor. 

But if you are wanting something that you can move around or transport, then pay close attention to weight. Let’s just say, adirondack seats tend to be heavy!

Easy storage

Some sets are foldable and are easy to put in a garage for storage. Others are big, heavy chairs that are almost impossible to move without help. 

Cozy Fire Pit Seating recommendations

I love the outdoors and love cooking on a live fire pit and with charcoal. There are a few things you can do to enhance the experience and make your fire pit area cozier and more enjoyable. First, if you are in a state like Florida, use some sort of mosquito repellent. I cannot tell you how many times our fun gets cut short because mosquitoes are out in full force. 

Second, set up the fire pit chairs so that wood smoke is not going towards it. This might be hard given that once wood is smoking and the wind changes, there is very little one can do, but it helps to try.

Lastly, get nice blankets and pillows to decorate, but also get comfortable. Get some nice snacks and a few drinks and enjoy quality time around the fire, smoking marshmallows and  .


An adirondack chair adds a classic “rustic” look to any fire pit area. If you are looking at Adirondack chairs and are looking for the best option, consider Polywood. They have definitely done a great job with their brand and are absolutely top quality. 

For portable options, CGI offers reliable and quality products. If you are on a budget, then the Tyrz chairs are a good option.



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