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This is How long to smoke a brisket per pound Explained

how long to smoke a brisket per pound

Smoking a brisket is a lot of work but also a lot of fun, and if done right, the results are one of the most tender, juicy, and flavorful meats you can have. Knowing how long to smoke a brisk is the first step to attaining good results. To achieve the best results when smoking […]

Best Budget Smokers 2024: Tested to BBQ Great food without spending a ton

best budget smoker

Everyone loves smoked meat, and everyone wants to try their own pulled pork recipe at home. Good news! Smoking your own meats at home does not have to be expensive. We’ll show you nine budget-friendly smokers as well as what to look for in a cheap smoker so it can still get the job done […]

Pit Boss Erl code – The Common Er1 Code Meaning, Fix and Prevention


Your Pit Boss is an amazing cooking machine, but if you don’t keep it clean or one of its electrical components goes bad, you will see an error code on the control board. No Bueno amigo! In this article, I will explain what the most common and annoying Pit Boss error code ( Er1 ) […]

The 7 Best Drum Smokers (Ugly Smokers): A Different Way to Smoked BBQ

best drum smoker

So you have been doing your homework and have discovered drum smokers. You have fallen in love with the idea and now are looking for good drum smokers to add to your backyard collection. In this article, we will review popular models and help you learn what to look for in a good drum smoker. There […]

Best Smokeless Indoor Grills in 2024

This article will show you seven incredible smokeless indoor grills. We also go over what to look for in a quality indoor grill and what to avoid when buying one. The popularity of indoor smokeless grills is growing, and for good reasons. Sure, an indoor grill can not replace a charcoal or even a gas […]

The Best Smoker Grill Combo 2024: Two Worlds in One

best smoker grill combo

In this article we bring you the best smoker grill combo grills which are ideal for people searching for a BBQ grill that can combine two worlds into one, grilling and smoking meat, plus being able to cook using more than just one type of fuel. If you enjoy smoking meats and grilling frequently and […]

How To Use A Smoker Box Explained in 5 Steps – A Simple Guide

how to use a smoker box

If you own a gas grill or smoker, you know that propane and gas grills do not produce that authentic “smoky” taste. We are going to take care of that today. Get your smoker box out of the box and ready for use. In this article, we will walk you through the process of using […]

How to Season ( Cure ) A New Smoker in 5 Easy Steps

how to season a smoker

So you finally purchased a brand new BBQ smoker grill. We hope you chose well and are ready to experience one of the most tasty forms of BBQ, smoked meats. I understand what it is like to open the box of a brand new smoker. I know you’re itching to put it all together and […]

What is a reverse flow smoker? Here is a simple explanation

what is a reverse flow smker

What is a reverse flow smoker ? How do they work ? In this article, we answer these and other questions to help you decide if a reverse-flow smoker is for you. So you began researching offset smokers and came across reverse flow smokers. Now you are confused and unsure what a reverse smoker is, […]

10 Best Tailgating Grills in 2024 to kick off the Season

best tailgating grill

​​Football season is here, and now is the time to get your gear ready for the next tailgate party. Whether you are a football fan or not, and whether we are in football season or not, this article brings you the best tailgating grills for the next party. We will go over the features that […]

The Best Portable Smoker for Road Trips, Camping, and Tailgating in 2024

best portable smoker

Want to smoke meats and BBQ at your next camping trip or tailgate party? If you are searching for a good portable smoker, in this article I share my findings after testing and researching the top smoker brands and models. Sure, some small smokers can be portable, but small doesn’t always equal portable, or good.  […]

Pit Barrel Cooker Review and Overview

pit barrel cooker review

We often come across a product, a barbecue grill, a recipe, or a company that captures our attention. This was the case when we came across the Pit Barrel Cooker.  Our first thoughts were to write a review, but we liked this company so much we decided to, besides writing a review, we also want […]

The Pit Boss P Setting-Full Explanation with Settings Chart

pit boss p setting

The Pit Boss P Setting Explained in plain English, What it means, What it Does, and How to Use it. Contrary to what another website states, the P setting is NOT a way to manually control temperature, the P Setting stands for “pause setting” and is a way to manually adjust the grill’s controller and […]

Top Best Grill Brush for Keeping Your Grill Clean in 2024

best grill brush

After using a few different types of grill brushes, I summarized a few hours of scraping and cleaning to write this article about the best grill brush. To keep your grill grates clean and in good condition, you need a suitable grill brush to clean with. Over time, your grill grates accumulate old grease, fat, […]

5 Best BBQ Tools Set: Grill tools to Enhance Grilling in 2024

best grill tool set bbqgrillacademy

A good BBQ tools set for your grill or smoker with useful accessories can help you enjoy your grill and enhance your cooking experience. In this article, I go over the best grill tools sets and show you the ones that stood up to my tests. I also add my personal experience and feedback using […]

Lump charcoal vs briquettes: What is the difference?

lump charcoal vs briquette

Barbecue aficionados and newcomers alike often debate and question why some of us prefer lump charcoal over briquettes. What’s the difference between lump charcoal and briquettes, and which one is better?  This article will discuss the main differences between lump charcoal and briquettes, the pros and cons of both, to help you decide which type […]

What is lump charcoal? We explain

what is lump charcoal

Lump charcoal is natural hardwood, tree branches, and twigs that have been cooked in a low oxygen environment to create hardwood lump charcoal. This charcoal is called lump charcoal because after the hardwood is cooked and turned into charcoal, it retains its natural shape and tree-like characteristics resulting in large lumps of coals. How Hardwood […]

Best charcoal rake

best charcoal rake

The Best Charcoal Rake You can Buy today to Safely handle charcoal Ever wonder if there is some sort of tool to remove ash from your grill, handle charcoal, move it around, spread split, and rake it. Yeap, there is a tool for that and is called a charcoal rake. A charcoal rake is a […]

8 Best wood chips for smoking Meats and use with you smoker

wood chips for smoking

Smoked BBQ food gets its distinct “smoky flavor” from burning hardwoods. There are different wood chips for smoking meat, and today we are talking about the best wood chips for smoking meat on either your grill or smoker. Why Use wood chips ? You should buy wood chips because charcoal alone cannot add a good […]

How to Use An Offset Smoker: A Simple Guide

how to use an offset smoker

Offset smokers can be intimidating for some users. Offset Smokers are large, have two chambers, and some people are also unfamiliar with charcoal. Don’t let the size and the dual chambers of these smokers discourage you. True, offset smokers are built to support even the most professional levels of BBQ smoking, but they can also […]

Crispy smoked chicken wings: An Easy Guide Everyone Can Follow

crispy chicken wings

Crispy Smoked chicken wings are a popular party dish and perfect for Super Bowl parties, birthdays, and even for Saturday night game nights. Chicken wings are quick to make and tasteful, making them a crowd pleaser and why wings are so famous. Crispy chicken wings are simple to make, simple to cook, and the perfect […]

How to Clean Grill Grates, Including Cast Iron: To The Point and Simple

how to clean a grill grate

Dirty grates not only look gross but also can change the taste of your food, and old grease can stain your food. In this article, we will show you how to clean grill grates using different methods. Grease, oil, marinades, and food particles get burned onto the grill grates while grilling, eventually hardening. The stuff […]

321 Ribs Method is an Easy path To Delicious Ribs.

321 ribs

321 ribs is a great technique for getting juicy, tender ribs. This method is one of the easiest ways to get great results and add smoke flavor to ribs. I have tried many other methods, but my 321 rib process always yields amazing smoked ribs. The 321 smoking method smokes ribs for 6 hours at […]

Korean BBQ Marinade Recipe – Let’s Do This

korean bbq dish

BBQ Is an International passion, and the world gives us various BBQ flavors, colors, and tastes. Today we look at a Korean BBQ Marinade Recipe the I have found easy to make and yields amazing results. For Years I have enjoyed Koren food, especially Korean BBQ. So I did some digging and did some research […]

The Best Charcoal Smoker: Guide and Reviews

best charcoal smoker

Today we talk about charcoal smokers for smoking amazing BBQ feasts. Charcoal BBQ smokers are excellent for cooking authentic smokehouse-flavored BBQ at home. We like charcoal smokers because the combination of burning charcoal and hardwoods yields the richest, most authentic BBQ smoky flavor. If you master charcoal and fire control, these smokers will deliver the […]

How to Use a Charcoal Chimney: Starting Coals in 5 Simple Steps

lump charcoal in pile

Likely you have seen people pouring lighter fluid on a stack of charcoal, and then a big ball of fire erupts. If you pay close attention to that fire, you will see dirty black smoke and notice the chemical smell.  Today we will look at How To Properly Use A Charcoal Chimney, as well as […]

The 5 best offset smokers A Full Dive Into the Top Performers

chef cooking in offset smoker

If you are serious about BBQ grilling and smoking meats and are looking for the realest, most authentic way to cook BBQ food, then you need an offset smoker, also known as “stick burners.” If you are ready to step up your barbecue game, I have compiled a list of the best offset smokers on […]

Wood chips vs Wood chunks What’s The Difference, and which one should you use

pile of wood chunks

If you are new to Barbecue meat smoking or recently purchased a smoker grill, you likely have come across wood chips and wood chunks. Wood is used in meat smoking to add natural wood flavor to foods. Smoking Wood can be found in many flavors, including mesquite, hickory, cherry apple, and unique flavors like Jack […]

how to cook pizza in a gas grill

pizza on orange table

Cooking pizza on a gas or charcoal grill can add extra flavor to your pizza and is a great way to enjoy your summer or an outdoor kitchen, plus entertain friends. Pizza baked on charcoal grills will absorb a bit of smoke adding flavor and bringing it closer to the traditional brick oven pizza flavor. […]

Smoked Mac and Cheese – BBQ Grill Academy Style

smoked mac and cheese

Smoked Mac and Cheese is a good side dish for smoked meats; it packs a lot of flavor and pairs well with smoked meats like briskets and pulled pork. A touch of smoke flavor can be added to Mac and Cheese by mixing a few ingredients and cooking it in your smoker. Smoked mad n […]

The 5 Best Vertical Pellet Smokers in 2024

pellet vertical smoker on a wood deck

It is not a surprise that vertical pellet smokers are trending and becoming very popular. These smokers can produce wood-fired flavor but pack the technology and conveniences found in propane or electric appliances. We have published an article on propane smokers, but we are incredibly excited to bring you this review as we actually own […]

The best time to buy a grill – BBQ – Statistics and Facts

guy grilling outdoors

When is the best time to buy a Grill -Plus BBQ Grill Industry Statistics and Facts The best time to buy a grill is typically after summer, around September and October, although this time window can vary depending on your location. The reason is that BBQ grilling is a seasonal pastime for some, especially for […]

Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce Recipe

bbq sauce battles

Home Made Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce – Add a “kick” to your BBQ Food Total TimePrep: 30 min. Cook: 35 min. Produces1-1/2 cups Ingredients You’ll Need – Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce Recipe. 1 chopped medium onion 1 tablespoon of canola oil 1 minced garlic clove 1 to 3 teaspoons of chili powder (change […]

how long to grill burgers-what temp to grill burgers on a propane grill

guy holding burgers on tray

How long to grill burgers – What temperature to Grill burgers on a propane or charcoal grill – burger grill time chart Burgers are perhaps the most commonly cooked food on propane and charcoal grills. Burgers are easy to prepare and fast to cook. Grilled beef burgers pack amazing flavor, and it is affordable to grill […]

Meat Temperature Chart and Food Safety

grilling guide

Knowing the proper meat temperatures at which to cook or grill your foods is extremely important. Undercooked or raw foods can be hazardous and cause diseases. meat temp chart And Food Safety Sometimes meats are not cooked to safe temperatures; for example, steak medium-rare is cooked to 130F to 135F degrees, but according to, beef, […]

The Best Pizza Stone For Grills and Ovens: get Crispy Crusts

pizza with olives

Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza? If you love pizza, you are probably ready to make your own pizzas at home, try new pizza recipes, and make your own pizza recipes. This article is a comprehensive guide to help you in your search for the best pizza stone for grill use and getting […]

How To Light Charcoal Without Lighter Fluid – Alternatives, Tips, and Tricks

charcoal in charcoal grill

We all enjoy our charcoal grills, but the charcoal starting process can be messy and time-consuming. Many people despise the charcoal lighting process as much as cleaning their grills, and the reasons are legitimate. Lighting charcoal is not a simple process, and many users end up using lighting fluid to speed up the process. In this article, […]

The Best Smoker Boxes For Your Gas Grill We Found in 2024

best smoker box for gas grill

Want to turn your gas grill into a smoker? Well, for that, my friends, you need a smoker box for your gas grill. We all enjoy the advantages of propane and gas BBQ grills. Simply turn a knob, push a button, and fire! You’ve got flames and are ready to cook. Propane grills are clean, […]

How Long to Smoke Ribs at 250°F: Quick Answer

smoked rack of ribs at 250

In this article, we answer a question many of our readers ask, for how long should I smoke ribs? I will use my preferred cooking temperature of 250 degrees to illustrate my point. For smoking ribs, I recommend cooking at 250 or 275 degrees. How long will it take to Smoke ribs at 250 or […]

how to smoke a brisket – An Easy to Follow Guide

sliced brisket

Mastering the art of smoking a brisket can be a challenge. I hear many stories of people trying to smoke a brisket and end up with tough and dry meat. Personally, I had to go through a few failures first before I mastered the right methods to ensure that I always end up with a […]

The 5 Best Yakitori Grills of 2024 – Ranked and Reviews

skewers on grill

Yakitori is a Japanese dish traditionally involving skewered meat cooked on a Japanese Yakitori grill. This traditional Japanese plate is then served as a kabob. Yakitori grills are fun small grills meant to cook skewers on a tabletop. Besides their Japanese origins and purpose, these grills are also portable, available in charcoal and electric models, […]

Best Grill covers to Protect your Grills in 2024

bbq grill outdoor kitchen

We all enjoy our BBQ grills and smokers, but from time to time, you might have to give your BBQ grill a little break depending on where you live. And, while some of us here in Florida have good weather all year and can use our grills all the time, others have harsh winters, making […]

The best wood for smoking brisket For Better Flavor

woods stacked

Smoking briskets is an art, and, as with any art, one’s perception, taste, and predilection influence results and opinions. However, award-winning pitmasters such as Aaron Franklin prefer only to use only one type of wood, Oakwood, specifically Post Oak. Oakwood produces a great balanced flavor, and it also burns well in traditional smokers. Other pitmasters […]

The Best Smoker for Beginners to Get Started in BBQ in 2024

man touching smoker lid

If you are new to barbecuing and smoking meats, welcome. BBQ Grill Academy was founded to help people learn more about BBQ and grilling. If you are getting started it can be challenging to undertand which are the best smokers specially if you are a beginner. There are hundreds of brand and models to choose […]

best wood for smoking ribs – Full Guide guide

smoked ribs on white plate

It took me years of trial and error, a few beers, lots of bags of wood, and research to figure out the best wood for smoking ribs. Smoking meat is a fine art, and as with any art, your taste and preferences play a role in what you consider to be the best. However, it […]

5 Best Propane Smokers If Charcoal Is Not your thing

propane smoker cooked ribs

If you are reading this article, probably, you have enjoyed a good plate of smoked meat. You went to a local BBQ restaurant and ordered smoked pulled pork, brisket, ribs, or anything else smoked, and now you are hooked. Now you want to cook your own smoked ribs or brisket at home and want to […]

The Best Lump charcoal for your grill and Smokers

Best Lump Charcoal

If you own a charcoal grill, congratulations, you own one of the coolest, most versatile cooking tools ever made. However, unless you use good lump charcoal for your grill or smoker, you might be spinning your wheels and missing out on a world of flavor, efficiency, and great cooking. I went on a hunt to […]

The Best 2-Burner Gas Grills in 2024

two burner gas grill with lid up

Gas grills are among the easiest to use, and the best 2-burner gas grills are usually reasonably priced. So with that in mind, we decided to put together a guide on the two-burner grills available on the market today. The two-burner grill will be great for small families and small gatherings. Just remember, if you […]

How to Cook BBQ Ribs on a Gas Grill

rack of ribs on wood dish

I love to host friends and family for backyard get-togethers, but the standard menu of hot dogs and hamburgers can only go so far. That’s what prompted me to expand my grilling repertoire. If you’d like to learn how to cook ribs on a gas grill so that they come out perfectly every time, you’ve […]

Intro To Pork Cuts: Ultimate Guide Explained

pork cuts on the grill

Intro To Pork Cuts – The ultimate guide to pork cuts I love a well-made ribs platter or pork chops. Pork cuts are my favorite meat to grill and develop my culinary talents. However, to cook an excellent pork recipe, it is essential to understand the different pork cuts to choose the recipe’s right cut.  […]